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The biggest rock art study in Australian history may shed light on when Indigenous Australians first arrived.
Australia's highest ever Olympic medal tally ranking was won the very first time it hosted, at the 1956 Melbourne Games. Dog trainer Steve Austin uses springer spaniels to hunt out rabbits and foxes and other feral pests. Dog trainer Steve Austin has a team of keen canines fighting for the preservation of our native wildlife.
Four years ago, he and his wife Vicki - also a dog trainer - bought a boarding and training business, Pet Resorts Australia, which is based in Dural, NSW. But, he says, it was his decade-long work with the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service that he found most fulfilling.
It’s hard to forge a deep friendship with your dog when he’s chewing up your furniture, soiling your carpets, jumping uncontrollably, or nipping at your friends and kids. We design our programs and training lessons to include plenty of fun for both you and your dog, while ensuring that you maintain the highest possible degree of control even while facing severe distractions.

We proudly serve the Austin,Texas area, including Buda, Circle C, Bee Cave, Lakeway, Jollyville, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Camp Mabry, West Lake Hills, Rollingwood, Barton Creek, Sunset Valley, Shady Hallow, Rollingwood, Steiner Ranch, Wells Branch and Kyle. Steve has trained dogs to detect narcotics for drug busts in California, to track cheetahs in Namibia, to sniff out the first cultivated truffles in Tasmania in 1999, and he's also passed on his knowledge to other keen dog trainers in Japan and the UK. If you’ve been searching the Web for an effective, affordable Austin or San Antonio dog training solution, you can relax now — your search is over!
Our dog training programs result in happy, confident, obedient dogs and happy, confident, satisfied owners. That’s because we always offer a FREE demonstration and consultation for you and your dog BEFORE you make any any decisions about training. The handlers and the dogs will spend one to two weeks out in the field, mapping the pests' locations, before reporting back to base and passing on the information to a team of hunters. Whether you are looking for puppy training or dog obedience training, our proven training methodology puts you in charge so you can move beyond bad behavior and enjoy a better relationship with your dog. The dogs are a variety of breeds, from small, floppy-eared spaniels to lumbering Labradors, with lolling pink tongues.

Dogs need a leader and boundaries and a purpose - even if it's just going for a walk at the same time each day with the boss." But, just like training children, the key is picking the right treat to reward them. It's history making." He reckons the biggest challenge will be keeping the dogs motivated, once rabbit numbers dwindle. So, a work ethic [slowly] develops in the dog."The future involves broadening the use of canines in the battle to protect native wildlife. With that dog by his side, Steve would tramp up to the Rockdale pub, in Sydney's south, where the dog would balance a schooner of beer on his head and delighted patrons would toss money at them.

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