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Most folks like the new spacious indoor facility, but training is led by highly qualified professionals. Sabra is led by Ayalet Berger, a Nationally Certified Professional Dog Trainer, and Ellen Mahurin, the only Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist in Tennessee. Here’s a solution to a problem almost every dog owner faces – how to make sure it doesn’t run away when not on a leash.
Andrea’s a film industry veteran and started her own animal business for working dogs in film and TV. There’s over 30 years of experience here, so if you wonder if the trainer knows what they’re doing, that’s not a problem.
The dog wizard has you covered with obedience training, puppy preschool, and agility classes. Trainers with industry experience have settled here and are eager to take appointments from clients who are as enthusiastic about canines as they are. Take the Train the Trainer package and someone will give you personal lessons on how to train your own dog.
She is also highly recommended by average dog lovers like you and provides obedience training based on advanced education and the latest knowledge.

Using positive reinforcement, general obedience, puppy training, and house breaking training are right here.
The company trains police, fire, and emergency dogs so there’s no reason why it can’t teach your little honey how to sit.
Kat has a degree in psychology and knows dog learning and behavior modification quite well. It’s tough when your dog doesn’t answer the call, so Kip will help get a response out of that fickle dog of yours. Navy training and work in county dog shows prepared him to be the right trainer for your dog. It was voted Best Dog Trainer in Northern Virginia for 2014 and 2015, so there’s no reason it won’t help Nashville dog owners. More advanced lessons get your dog to do much more while therapy dog development and dog aggression programs are held too. Said to be gentle and kind, Andrea Robinson is a graduate of the Moorpark College Animal Training and Management Program. Everyone’s a dog owner here, so it takes sometimes just a few days to set your dog straight.

If you need no jumping or leash training, or just want to teach your puppy manners, Kat can help you out here too. Training routines and consistency are emphasized so the efforts are as successful as possible.
If you’re looking for highly advanced training with no credit check and zero interest financing, here you go! This also gives you quality time to communicate and bond with your pooch because nothing is better than when you’re working together to train your dog well.
The team has worked with police, military, and search and rescue agencies in creating trained, well-rounded canines.

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