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Average Dog Trainer salaries for job postings in San Diego, CA are 1% higher than average Dog Trainer salaries for job postings nationwide.
We see so many stories of heroic police dogs who use their training and experience to save lives and bring criminals to justice. According to ABC, the new dogs are paid for by donations to the San Diego Police Foundation.

The San Diego Police Department gave a sneak peek into the training process of its canine unit in a recent news report by ABC10. By LINDA MICHAELS – SPECIAL TO THE UT The easiest, scientifically endorsed methods to train and socialize your dog involve food. If your gratitude this Holiday Season includes your precious pup who faithfully brings so much joy and unconditional love all year long– show your appreciation by including your dog in the festivities.

The dog stays outside in a specially built wooden compartment named, for very good reason, the DogHouse.

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