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Hanrob Dog Training Academy has been providing dog obedience and detector dog training services in Sydney, Melbourne and Internationally since 1990. If you are passionate about becoming a professional dog trainer and having a career in this industry, then our nationally recognised ACM40310 Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services course is for you! This 7 month* course will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to be a master in dog training. On completion of the course, you will gain a nationally recognised qualification in ACM40310 Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services. These include professional jobs in zoos, careers at Hanrob Pet Hotels and starting their own pet care and training businesses. The course is flexible depending on your work load and can be completed in less than 500 hours. The theoretical component is essential in gaining a solid foundation behind dog psychology, behaviour modification, dog training principles and canine care.
This flexible course is designed to give you the freedom to complete the course at your own pace. Our trainers have 50+ years combined experience and have trained dogs for various applications across private, corporate, domestic and international government sectors.

A life-time animal lover, Mel worked for the NSW Police Dog Unit and has been involved in the animal industry since 2006. Lee has had an active involvement and passion for animals all of her life and has worked professionally with dogs for the past five years, working at Hanrob as a trainer since 2013. You will gain access to multiple training applications and training tools from obedience training to detector dogs. Passionate Instructors with combined 50+ years of teaching experience and are active professionals in their fields with the latest knowledge in dog training principles. Exceptional Teaching Quality - We have officially trained dogs in the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service. We are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), so you can expect only the highest quality teaching in accordance to the Australian Quality Skills Framework.
We are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO – 70236) delivering educational programs with nationally recognised qualifications. Combining theory and plenty of hands-on training, you will be certified to conduct both one-on-one and group dog obedience and training classes for dogs and puppies. Due to Hanrob’s reputation for real world experience and leadership in dog training, we have an extremely high success rate with graduates then going on to work as part of our training team or successfully gaining other jobs within the industry.

He has trained dogs and handlers for various applications for clients from the private, corporate and domestic and international government sectors. For 10 years, Wayne has been involved in the training of both handlers and dogs and employment of dogs in support of non-conventional counter terrorism operations with the Army Explosive Detection Dogs. Companion and working dog trainer, veterinary nurse and mammalian zookeeper are just some of the roles she has enjoyed throughout the industry. Lee commenced her career working as a Clinical Assistant, Animal Attendant and Shelter Attendant in a number of countries overseas in a variety of dog shelters to fundraise, assist and support dogs living in harsh conditions. This allows you to work with and handle a variety of dogs, whilst completing a Practical Hours Logbook. You can expect to gain an in-depth understanding on a wide range of dog training techniques and the canine psychology and physiology that makes these skills effective.
Ken has held the position of National Trainer for Australian Quarantine Inspection Services from 2008 to 2013 and has since continued to develop and deliver courses for Hanrob’s clients under the standards of the RTO.

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