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For the last 2 days my male corgi won't stop licking his front left paw and now it's so irritated and raw. I think he roughed the pad up while playing on the driveway this past weekend and then started licking to make it feel better and that made it raw. Hi, My dog is constantly licking her back paw, inbetween her pad (not her toes) but between the large pad at the back. We are in western Maryland and Chauncey has been licking his paws, rubbing his eyes and sneezing. Steroids are powerful drugs that can do a lot to a dogs system but for some dogs there's absolutely no choice.
Frequent washings of the feet (every 3 days for 2 weeks to start) with Malaseb shampoo controlled the yeast which stopped the itching.

When she starts up I usually take her in for a check up and she gets a shot and a script and stops licking. Ryley chewed and licked his paws so much that the fur in between his toes and the bottom of his paws, turned red from all the saliva. All of this is excellent news for people and their dogs, for most of coconut oil’s human benefits are shared by canines.
No one has tested coconut oil’s effect on dogs in clinical trials, but the anecdotal evidence is impressive. Gillmore also reports that dogs who receive coconut oil stop itching and scratching and their skin clears up. Even in healthy dogs, large amounts of coconut oil can cause diarrhea or greasy stools while the body adjusts.

When we're home and see him do it we stop him by saying no or by distracting him or by grabbing his paw out of his mouth. I'm amazed by how well you document the different medical issues you've had with your dogs. The only thing that has worked is we got him a steroid shot and he stopped licking, but I'm a little worried about giving him steroids on any sort of regular basis (I think they said each shot lasts about 4 months). The coloring inside of her back paws are still that dark red, but her front ones look better though.

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