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Now as a lot of readers of this blog will know, I have only bred one litter in all my years of involvement with dogs, and from the resulting 3 pups ended up keeping 2 of them.
Much earlier than this, in 2004 The Kennel Club made it mandatory for all Kennel Club Assured Breeders to provide a puppy contract and information pack to ensure that the new owner fully understands the commitment that they are undertaking when bringing a new puppy into their own home.
Recently I seen a post on one of the social networks whereby a breeder was letting off some steam due to the fact that the endorsement that they had paid for to be added to one of their pups papers, had been lifted by the relevant Kennel Club, and the dog was mated and the resulting pups were allowed to be registered. I for one still think that the puppy contract serves a purpose, as even though eventually it might prove to be as useful as a one legged man at an ass kicking competition, it does get the purchaser to take one final look at the responsibility they are about to take on, and once signed you’d hope that the person signing it abides by the rules, after all a man is only as good as his word.

In an absolute deed of sale, once the buyer pays for the thing sold, he can do anything he wishes to do with it. Dora, who after 4 years is still the screen saver on my wife’s mobile phone, was sold to a fantastic family, and a puppy contract was signed.
The buyer agrees according to the contract and ensures that it will take care of the health as well as food of the animal. Buyer has to agree with the terms and condition in the contract for buying the puppy it likes.

The contract protects the rights of the animal and covers everything related to the health and fitness of the animal.
The contract ensures that the health of a young animal must not be compromised in any case.

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