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I bought these for my Labs and thought I had put them on tightly enough but they both escaped within five minutes of starting the car ride. The dog safely harness is a great product, well made and our dog is comfortable and safe with strong leads, hooks and chest protector. We've never tethered our 11 year old Terrier mix (34 lbs and very hyper in the car) before and I worried about whether she'd accept it. Keeping your dog safely tethered is quickly becoming standard practice for many motorists, and many states have pending legislation that will soon make it mandatory. Sturdy, with vital information plainly displayed, I own three for each of my dogs and gave one as a gift for Christmas.

Our last harness for the car was so heavy that when ever our dog would move it would slide around her body and we would have to adjust it again. It really works well, seems comfortable for her and has the salutary effect of encouraging her to sit quietly. This car harness for dogs utilizes a lightweight, comfortable vest with 600-denier nylon strapping, two high-grade aluminum carabiners, and an adjustable tether that easily attaches to your vehicle's seat belts or child-seat anchors. I really like the tether, it hooks easily to the child safety restraint on my back seat, and keeps my buddies in place. Then he started acting like a kid whining because he couldn't get up close to us and lunging against the harness till he had marks under his shoulders, so we went back to the leash.

I don't have to worry about them flying forward if I have to make a sudden stop or them trying to climb into the front seat with me.

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