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Our Minnesota dog training camp provides programs for dogs such as boot camp, obedience training, and puppy camp. Neuman K-9 Academy is a professional canine training school that provides board and train (inboard) for dogs, and fully trained dogs for sale.
This program included obedience commands to sit, stay, heel or walk on a loose leash, come when called, proper etiquette, and no jumping up.
Add to EJ Playlist  Prima concorrente della Gara Nazionale di Rally Obedience organizzata a Santa Giustina da Unidog Associazione Cinofila il 19 giugno 2011. Add to EJ Playlist  Balance discs are excellent for teaching dogs tight turns needed in obedience and rally.
Add to EJ Playlist  Briley competing in AKC Novice Rally Obedience in Bismarck, July 2009. Add to EJ Playlist  Rally Obedience is a fun way to work on team work with your dog through heeling and obedience skills.
Add to EJ Playlist  Settima concorrente della Gara Nazionale di Rally Obedience organizzata a Santa Giustina da Unidog Associazione Cinofila il 19 giugno 2011. Add to EJ Playlist  Xander training on course with new Rally Masters signs this morning.
Add to EJ Playlist  Isi (D' Isolde von de Drift) rally obedience class 1 - March 8, 2015.
Add to EJ Playlist  There are many ways you can help a dog to learn how and where to move her back end. This is the first of a series of videos showing each CARO (Canadian Rally Obedience) Rally O move separately.

Rally is a great starting point for young dogs to learn behaviors for trials (fantastic prep for agility!), adult dogs with stress or performance issues, great for senior dogs who need less active activities but still need to have work to do and for people who don't like to run or who can't think on their feet!
While CARO behaviors are fun, the video taping is stressful for both Jessie and I and so we will be taking it slow. Add to EJ Playlist  Sunflower Chief Red Cloud participated in the "American Stock Dog Red Dirt Shoot Out" in Lawton, OK. Add to EJ Playlist  Several Morning Star Labs entered rally obedience for the first time. Lately I've been watching some of my friends who compete in AKC obedience (and Rally) practice with their dogs and it makes this run look pretty lame.
Add to EJ Playlist  My puppy Brazin was at her very first Rally O trial and participated in the Puppy Level trials.
All pup's parents are in the OFA and CERF database under "Alaskan Noble Companion Dog" as breed name. Add to EJ Playlist  Jack had to take a back seat to Victor today as he tried AKC Rally obedience for the first time. This video demonstrates the steps for teaching your dog the pivot on the FitPaws balance discs and the application of the pivot tight turn to obedience.
Chief competed in confirmation, agility, herding, rally obedience and passed his Canine Good Citizenship test.
He truly is a SUPERstar in Rally, and in every venue that he tackles, always with enthusiasm and heart. I really like it, you get to walk the course like in agility and everything, and you're allowed to encourage your dog!

The Pot training transfers extremely well to helping your dog to understand front position and also heel position!
The idea sprouted from agility trainers whom use a large round ball that their dogs learn to balance on.
For example, encourage your dog onto the pot, even if they just touch the pot, reward that to start. I take back any of my dogs at any time during their life, if for any reason they need to be re-homed. I had one dog that simply would not put one foot on the pot, so I gently put one of her feet onto the pot, said YES, and rewarded. What I am trying to build is a network of people interested in what I am doing and willing to keep a 'place holder' for one of these dogs in their family. He is a shining example of the versatility we value in this breed and in our dogs.Trevor- Rally Star!
If you might want to add one of these dogs to your household in the future, please let me know and I will keep you informed of my plans and available dogs.

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