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There are 3 main things you should focus on training your dog while still in its developmental stages. Teaching your dog to eliminate outside takes time and patience, but if done correctly and with positive methods it can be accomplished in about a week! While you work on the above items I highly recommend you learn about different dog training methods.
Dogs need to learn that when living around people there are certain behaviors that are not appropriate.

The reason they need to be taught early in your pet's life is because it will become harder (almost impossible in some cases), if you wait until your dog grows to adulthood. Positive dog training techniques are reliable, fun and they will bring you closer to your furry friend!The one thing you will need is patience. Other things, like training commands and manners can be taught at any age in your pet's life, so focus on the most pressing matters first and then move on. Understanding how dogs learn and how they communicate will help you and your pup become true best friends.

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