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Everything for Your Dog, FOR LESS!If You Don't See It On Our Site, Click or call (916)705-7425   We Beat "The Other Guys" Every Single Day! CleanScooping Equipment and Scooper Shoes are Sanitized between Every Yard to Prevent the Spread of Bacteria. Typically it comes out to about 30 minutes for a 1 dog poop scoop with average waste accumulation.

All Pooper Scoopers at Tidy Up San Diego have an active General Liability Insurance Policy. I’ve always made-do with a shovel + bag or bucket for routine poople scoopling around the property.
While I just have a small city yard, the dogs like to play “find it” to catch all the stray poops!

Augustine grass in the yard, which made picking up the poop with a rake-like tool quite frustrating.

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