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Many dog owners can not appreciate how much they can improve their relationship with their pet by taking a short course in dog obedience. We believe you will love your dog even more when you can give a command that is instantly obeyed by a smart friend with a wagging tail, who mostly wants to make you happy. Puppies from 4 to 6 months of age who have had their Rabies shots can be enrolled in this six(6) week course designed to develop a proper dog - owner relationship, wherein the dog accepts and comes to trust the leadership of its owner - trainer. In order to teach you and your dog the fundamentals of obedience, we offer a six (6) week course in Basic Obedience. We now offer an Intermediate level course, which covers the exercises needed to obtain the AKC Obedience titles Canine Good Citizen, Companion Dog and, ultimately, Utility Dog. To get on the waiting list for any of our obedience classes, or to make inquiries via email, please fill out a registration request form. We believe that anyone who will be living with the dog and attempting to control the dog should know the concepts that you are learning, the methods that you are using and the instructions that you are practicing.
The CGC (often required to qualify as a Therapy Dog) is a measure of the sociability of your pet.

In fact, it has been said that many of the dogs that wind up at the Humane Society are there because the owners never went to obedience training. We teach from the viewpoint of the dog's background, motivation, and expected reactions, and we present techniques for both of you to learn controlled behavior in your relationship.
Over the years, we have found that a dog will eventually forget a desired (proper) behavior, in the absence of the punishment that caused that behavior during training. We emphasize Positive Motivation Techniques, where the dog is taught that there is a reward (such as play, praise, or food treats) for proper completion of an exercise. This course will allow you and your dog to begin to form a long-lasting, enjoyable, and fun-loving bond.
There are as many ways of training dogs as there are trainers, and it is often best that the members of your family attend at least the first session of course instruction, to familiarize them with our teachers and methods. Our training fields were designed to have excellent drainage so that they can be used promptly after a rain storm. For example, we show the proper way to train your dog to come to you when you call, and avoid the pitfalls which cause the dog to run away instead!

On the other hand, the pleasant memory of a tasty little treat will form good and long-lasting habits in every dog.
At the end of the last session, the trainer and dog will be introduced to several Standard Agility Obstacles (such as the Standard Tunnel).
Each regular session begins with a group Puppy Playtime, to instill a good feeling in the dog's mind about coming to "school". During the sessions, specific problem areas (such as house training, puppy-biting and chewing, digging and jumping up) are covered.

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