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Behavioural Therapist and Trainer and has successfully trained nearly 1000 dogs and their owners.
Kevin is a dog training and behaviour expert and helps people with all problems and all breeds. Most of it is based on how to communicate your instructions, how you interact with your dog on a daily basis and generally adds up to no more than 20 minutes per day.
Although Kevin offers various training packages he generally recommends the Bark Busters Written Lifetime Support Guarantee, which for a one time fee provides you with as many follow up visits as is needed, Free of Charge for the lifetime of your dog. Create an obedient dog or puppy that will happily walk on the lead without tugging, sit or stay on command, and come immediately when called. Training in your home is a one-on-one system without the distraction of other dogs or the stress of being sent away for training. Of course, where you are experiencing problems outside the home such as pulling on the lead or dog aggression, we will set up controlled training situations in the park or wherever is most practical. You will not find a more efficient method of dog training out there, and our guaranteed lifetime support doesn't just set us apart from the rest, it defines us as the best there is in quality and value. And if you haven't already done so, take a moment to rate your dog's behavior by taking our online behavioral quiz.

The Michigan Dog Training facility is 7000 sq feet and is located close to M-14, I-275 and I-96 East freeways, beautiful parks and just a mile north of the Plymouth downtown district, Kellogg Park.
Let me show you how to take control and have the happy content dog that is a pleasure to own.
It is designed to help owners resolve their dog's behaviour and obedience problems and to provide customers with the satisfaction of ongoing support and peace of mind. Sure, I can train your dog, but we've learned that the key to strengthening the bond between owner and dog is training you, the owner. It is designed to help owners resolve their dog's behavior and obedience problems and to provide customers with the satisfaction of ongoing support and peace of mind.
At the Plymouth location, we offer board and train, dog school,  private lessons, and group classes. Having trained nearly 1000 dogs and their owners, on one to one private lessons, I know through my experience just how important this is. After sticking to the training regime for the first week or so Keith has become a totally different dog and is a lot more relaxed and happy as a result. It needed to be simple and speak to the dog's language, as contrary to popular belief, they don't really understand human languages.

Dogs are natural animals and in order for them to be content and happy they need a balanced environment and for us to clearly communicate in a way they understand. What remains is a well-adjusted and responsive member of your pack (family); in short, a dog very comfortable in your home. Finally, it needed to be effective, as our mission is to keep dogs with their families and not end up at shelters. This is what I do and my support guarantee gives you peace of mind for the lifetime of your dog!
The Bark Busters dog training method is based on the way dogs communicate with each other and how they learn from older, more important dogs in the pack. I love the work I do - it is very rewarding to see the amazement and joy on my client's faces when they observe an instant improvement in their dog's behavior, and realize a new sense of balance and harmony in their home.

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