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On June 28, Judge Shad Connelly sentenced Havern to serve one to 12 months in prison for failing to control his dog. We frequently run across owners of dogs declared "dangerous" that say to judges, "I'm sending my dog out of state." The judge okays the arrangement dismissing the danger the dog will pose to its new location and that the dog's bite record may be erased upon crossing state lines, whereby eliminating a future victim's claim against it. 3The girlfriend, whose daughter was attacked by Matthew's dog in 2006, did not want to be identified. 4Due to Dog Mauling Fancier groups that protect owners of dangerous dogs and humane groups who believe, "A dog shouldn't be euthanized just because it ripped the teeth out of two children and broke a few jaws," we have state laws that allow second and third chances for dogs that have already inflicted severe injury. It is astounding that the owner was able to simply pretend that he had gotten rid of a dog that had inflicted that kind of injury on a child. What is beyond comprehension or rational thought is that there are states that are actually HELPING dangerous dogs and their owners. Our law firm represents victims of dog attacks which cause serious bodily injury and emotional distress. The negligence of the dog owner, custodian of the dog or property owner is not an issue in these cases, nor does the breed of the dog matter.
Dog attack victims can suffer permanent and disfiguring injuries, entitling them to significant compensation for personal injuries, medical expenses and lost wages. For additional information about Dog Attack claims, complete contact a Walnut Creek attorney or call 925-279-3009. It is a fact that even the sweetest dog can become aggressive as he matures and boundaries change. It means that by allowing your dog to walk ahead of you on a walk and to disobey your commands you are allowing your dog to be the boss. As a leading dog behavior expert, I sometimes participate in court cases involving dog issues.
According to dog bite laws, if a dog bites someone while the person is on public property or lawfully on private property, including the property of the owner of the dog, the owner of the dog shall be liable for any damages suffered by the person bitten, regardless of the former behavior of the dog or the owner’s knowledge of aggressive behavior. Remember, aggression (and all other behavior problems) are hard to develop and can be reversed if your dog has the correct structure. April 18, 2013 By Jonathan Leave a Comment Dogs have been long labelled as a man’s best friend.

When someone suffers from a dog attack, the damage done can usually be underestimated, especially if the physical injuries are small or minor. Havern pleaded guilty to charges of dog attack causing serious injury, failing to register a dangerous dog, failure to maintain liability insurance for a dangerous dog, and failure to obtain a rabies shot and a license for his dog. As the case of Matthew demonstrates, one now must question how many of these dog owners simply lie, keep their dog and relocate nearby. Legislators and officials that cater to dog breeders' demands that dangerous dog laws be as weak as possible, over the safety honest, upright people and their families.
If it can be proven that a different dog than the one that committed the deed is offered up, more charges and longer jail terms.
Had the dog actually been sent to New York we would be seeing the same headline, but simply in a different newspaper. The dog pulls on the leash, barks while you walk them, jumps on people and mounts other dogs. Pulling on the leash, barking while you walk them, jumping on people and mounting other dogs. When we hear about dog bites, we tend to think of minor injuries such as a small bite on the arm, or a cut on the leg. The attack can instill a new set of fears for the child, and every time the child sees a dog or a similar animal, they will be frightened, and memories of the attack may resurface. Thus, it is very important for parents and physicians to assess a dog bite victim both physically and mentally.
In exchange for his plea, the Erie County District Attorney's Office dropped the critical and more serious charges of reckless endangerment, tampering with evidence and a misdemeanor dog attack count. According to the article, she has talked to him "repeatedly" about the need to euthanize his dog, named Graham. In a written statement, he told the dog warden he "gave" the dog to a person in New York State. Authorities that know that people are living in danger with one of these dogs in our neighborhood.
I am sick of dogs and psychos having more rights than victims of these completely preventable attacks.

Obviously the law needs to change and dangerous dog designations have to travel with the dog. People sue each other just because a dog pooped on their lawn or accidentally knocked them over in a non-aggressive manner.
This has become quite a hazardous choice nowadays, as the breeds of dog people are choosing to keep as pets nowadays have become increasingly of the dangerous kind.
She said Matthew has not brought the dog within sight of her or her daughter since the 2006 incident.
Japanese Akita, Pit Bull and Rottweiler are common breeds of dogs that are kept as pets and have been known to attack young children and cause serious injuries.
Both knew the dog had been designated dangerous and both failed to inform AC, thereby facilitating this child's injury. These tips will help you establish yourself as a pack leader, in a positive way, over your aggressive dog. It is evident that giving extra chances to dangerous dogs just means giving them more chances to attack. Don’t let your […]Russian Dog Wizard TRAINING TIPS 101Vladae the Dog Wizard wins award Loose Leash – Always walk your dog on a loose leash.
Tension on a leash can cause frustration which may be taken out on other dogs or moving objects. You must witness a problem in order to correct it and prevent […]How to Stop Dog AggressionIf you do not correct the dog aggression problem now, you are one second from disaster.
Havern, 26, pleaded guilty to charges of dog attack causing serious injury, failing to register a dangerous dog, failure to maintain liability insurance for a dangerous dog, and failure to obtain a rabies shot and a license for his dog.

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