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This little light easily attaches to zippers, keys, backpacks, or jackets, and it features both glow and flash modes. Waterproof, impact resistant, and visible up to 3 miles away, this is the light that Danish search-and-rescue teams rely on to keep their dogs visible in dark and dangerous conditions.
I purchased two of these lights - one for each of our two dogs - and they are incredibly effective.
The low-profile LED fastens anywhere on your dog's collar via a clip or hook-and-loop strap (both included), and can be switched on simply by rotating the lens. If you have a smaller dog (we have a Parsons Jack Russell), the light is too big for her collar.

These lights were given as a gift, they have been extremely helpful on nights looking for a wandering dog. No problem - we put a harness on her in winter and attach the light to that - fits nice and snug, does not move even when she is running thru' thicket and brush. So far our two dogs have swam with them on and, on a daily basis, they are exposed to wet conditions! The low-profile LED safety light fastens anywhere on your dog's collar via a clip or hook-and-loop strap (both included). Over the years I have purchased other collar lights and have been disappointed with the battery life and durability.

These are excellent if you want to let your dog roam free on a night time and don't want to worry where they are.

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