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A person with good sense and well-mannered pets could handle several dogs on-leash at once, while someone who is often outgunned by an ill-mannered animal is hard-pressed to control even one. To operate safely, dog parks need basic rules, an active community to police through peer pressure and plenty of common sense.
I’ll be driving along or out walking my dog, and across the street, any street, I see it.
I see people walking multiple dogs in my neighborhood, and they don't have control over any of them. When walking dogs on-leash, people need to be realistic about their strength and reflexes, their knowledge of canine body language and their dog's level of training. No matter how well-mannered their pets are, owners with multiple dogs simply cannot stay on top of what all their dogs are doing.

While you can't stop a person who's walking too many dogs on-leash, you can help put common-sense rules in place. People also turn multiple dogs loose in our off-leash dog park and then don't pay attention to what the dogs are doing. If someone is overmatched, he or she needs a trainer's help with leash manners and should walk no more than a single dog at once. Anyone who takes a pet into an off-leash dog park needs to remain responsible for the behavior of the animal. Limiting the number of dogs may not be effective, but lobbying to ban inattentive behavior on the part of the owners is essential. If that fails, it may be necessary to set an arbitrary limit as to how many dogs a single person can bring into an off-leash area.

The idea is to make it easier on the leash handler (that’s you), and keep the dogs organized and walking together.
It’s not like adding a double dog coupler is tethering the dogs together, they each still have plenty of space. The *click* is where you clasp the leash to the coupler and the coupler to each dog’s collar. The coupler leashes are available in lots of colors to complement your dog’s existing leash or ensemble.

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