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Scott’s Thoughts:The Surf’s Up Dog tangle free coil leash is a unique dog leash inspired from the surf industry.
The first time my wife tried this while strolling our daughter and walking our dog she was new we had to carry this product. Copyright© 2015 The Dog Outdoors - A Division of Daughtry Enterprises, LLC All Rights Reserved - Austin TX.
Surfers use a coil leash system similar to this to make sure they don’t lose their boards while in the water or get tripped up.

No more leash getting caught up in the tires and no need for a bulky expensive retractable leash.
Inventor Charlotte Clymer decided that this concept would be great for a dog leash and boy was she right. These leashes are made right here in the USA in San Diego California and I have to say I really love this product.
It features a comfy neoprene handle that can be worn around the wrist or simply held in your hand.

The leash stretches to 6 ft, but coils down to about to about 2 feet; what this means is NO MORE TANGLES in your dog’s feet or your own because it never hits the ground.

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