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Caution: in some dog breeds it is an instinct to run off and chase things, and it is not recommended to ever let them off a lead in an unsafe area. One of the biggest no-no's is to reprimand a dog that has run off and finally come back, or when you have finally caught him. The number one thing you can do to help with the running away issue is to start being your dog's true pack leader. If your dog runs away from you, there is a very good chance he does not see you as his leader. If you are not 100% confident that your dog will come to you when called, and not run off, do not let him off his lead.

Until you get him to start listening, do not let him off his lead in an area where he can get to cars.
Dogs are all about the moment, and whatever they are doing at the moment you punish them is what they relate as being the crime. You can also reward with a play session after you have pet him and told him what a good dog he is.
Until he is trained to the point where you feel confident that he comes to you, do not let him off his lead in an unsafe area. As angry as you may feel towards your dog when you finally catch him, you cannot punish him.

They do not have the mindset to reason with the logic of not running away to prevent the punishment. You will have a better chance of your dog taking you seriously and submitting to your wishes.

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