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Play hide-and-seek – an indoor rainy-day game may provide some dogs with enough activity to let them sleep the rest of the day.
Practice Pavlov – set up a treat-dispensing toy, and show your dog how to interact with it until it pays off.
Adopt a puppy and get tips from Stan the Dog as you care for 10 new breeds by playing, feeding, and grooming them, and watch them grow and thrive! Protect your favorite Disney Channel characters from getting spooked in this classic arcade game!

Dog Eat Dog's second album Play Games improves on the crunching metal, punk, hip-hop and reggae fusions of their debut album by offering a more muscular production and more developed songwriting. Also use this game to perk up your dog’s recall and teach him that coming to you is always the best option.
Keep it fun, and keep the pace fast and interesting; you will see your dog perk up at the mere mention of playtime with you. I am a dog trainer, animal behavior student, and above all, a dog lover - teaching you how to live in perfect harmony with your dog.

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