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Earlier in 2015, a dog owner filed a class-action lawsuit against Purina’s Beneful dog food alleging that thousands of dogs have become ill from the dry food. The lawsuit cites that there have been more than 3,000 complaints online about dogs becoming ill or dying after eating Beneful.
Feed your dog at the same time every day and don't leave a bowl of food for him out all day.
Most adult dogs should be fed twice a day, but puppies younger than 6 months need three or four meals a day.Puppies grow fast. Pet Sitter Patrol provides a personalized pet sitting and dog training experience with the best interests of your pets. Serving Northwest Atlanta (Cobb County) Acworth, Kennesaw & Marietta Pet Sitter Patrol provides fully insured pet services such as pet sitting, dog walking, overnight pet care, behavioral dog training, dog running, dog hikes and pet transportation.

The lawsuit, filed by Frank Lucido, states that after feeding his 3 dogs the dry food, two became ill and one died. They are fine eating the same thing every day.Once you find a food that works well for your dog, stick with it. Dogs can become allergic to proteins in beef, chicken, wheat, eggs, dairy, and soy in food they have been eating for a while.Some dogs with food allergies scratch or lick themselves a lot, barf, or get runny poop.
They need more calories and nutrients than adult dogs, but their stomachs can't handle a lot. Your dog needs the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water to stay healthy.Fido is getting what he needs if his skin and coat are healthy, if his stools are firm and brown, and if he has the right energy for his age and breed. The suit alleges Beneful dry dog foods contain an ingredient toxic to animals, propylene glycol, a chemical used in automobile antifreeze.

Changing types or brands of food can make your dog sick.If you do need to change his food, do it slowly over a few days. So they need to be fed more often than adult dogs.Puppies older than 6 months should be fed two or three times a day. Antidepressants or anti-anxiety drugs can be given to dogs with separation anxiety, but should not be relied on as the sole treatment for separation anxiety.  First try my methods above before you resort to this.

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