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Whether your walking through your neighborhood or out with your dog at the park stepping, in a pile of dog poop is always an awful experience.
A London borough has decided that the dark days of unscooped dog crap needs to come to an end. The samples will be used by park wardens who monitor the parks most heavily soiled areas in search of doggy piles that were left behind. Anyone who plans to use those parks will have to first submit a canine DNA swab which will cost about $45. Negative reaction from the community or not, it’s hard not be impressed with this unique use of DNA testing programs. This is bigger than most people realize with more and more communities looking at registering dogs with DNA. Residential complexes across North America have conducted DNA tests on dog poop to identify the culprit.
When unwanted dog waste is found, property managers can send a small sample to the company and have it matched against the registry and hold offenders accountable. The company says the service is most effective when all owners within a residential complex or community register their pets DNA because it allows for greater accuracy. Dog owners give their dog a cheek swab and send the sample to PooPrints, which is then registered in the BioPet World Pet registry. PlayStepping in dog doo… it’s one of those incidents that can ruin an innocent person’s day. Irresponsible dog owners are in for a rude awakening and some stinking hefty fines as the recently growing popularity of dog poop DNA testing is sweeping the nation.

Dog feces piling up on the lawn is not just unsightly, but the waste can actually contain bacterial or viral hazards. According to the Chicago Tribune, "In the Chicago area, a Barrington condo association and a Plainfield apartment complex subscribe to a service that helps connect dog poop to the dog owners who don't clean up after their pets. PooPrints allows you to send (for a fee) a swab of dog saliva for DNA testing to be kept on file.
Candace ZyndaChicago Dog Scene ExaminerCandace Zynda is an internationally published photographer, writer, and artist, based in Chicago with work appearing in National Geographic and many editorial and commercial publications nationwide. None of us want to feel that signature squish beneath our shoes that could only be fecal matter.
If the program turns out to be a success the plan is to have all 27 of the boroughs dog parks patrolled with DNA testing kits by 2016. Mr Dog Poop of Tampa FL has municipal programs that are being considered as we speak by cites across the USA. The company proceeds to keep the DNA records for future reference if a mess is left behind and they want to match it to the culprit. That’s why responsible dog owners are supposed to clean up their dogs dirty business instead of leaving it behind.
The innovative program will be starting out small, with only one or two dog parks involved in the pilot stage.
This would be the first time that the DNA testing service will be used on a municipal scale and with large fines to go with it. The company revoked Moses' exclusive distributorship agreement for Dallas-Fort Worth on May 15.See also -Company Wants Dallas to DNA-Test Dog Poop.

The plan is for the complex to then use this information to fine resident dog owners for messy mutts.
Yet so many do owners ignore that rule and leave their dogs droppings for someone else to deal with.
How dog owners will react to being forced to put their dogs DNA in a database and risk a hefty fine if they ever forget to scoop remains to be seen.
If it proves to be a success we could see dog parks here in the states being patrolled with DNA testing to keep them free of the stinky menace. We are the only domestic animal DNA testing laboratory to be accredited by the Texas Department of Public Safety. We are the only firm used by Federal Prosecutors to link Pet DNA from dog feces to convict a man in the home-invasion and rap of a woman in Texas. The Canine CODIS database in which we invented is the first multi-agency forensic DNA database of dogs. How DNA from dog poo led to a criminal conviction, and what it was doing at a "rap" scene, Moses leaves mercifully opaque, not that a greater amount of detail would make the claim any more credible. Nor, logic holds, would the Texas DPS have any reason to partner with a shady dog-poop testing business. Those suspicions were only heightened by Moses' claims that he'd cut ties with PooPrints because of "inconsistencies, errors, and false truths" in DNA test results and "several serious issues in the areas of customer privacy, reselling DNA and customer information."All of that, BioPet says, is in violation of their previous agreement with Moses, and legal business practices more generally.

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