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Just when you thought the web couldn’t get any weirder, “Tampon girl” and the guy who ate his own poop announced via Facebook that they are married according to a Jan. Plowman’s better half, New York high-schooler Dino Bruscia, also earned his fame on the web, only he did it by eating his own feces.
Plowman plugs her “husband’s” poop-eating escapades on Twitter and Bruscia reciprocates the favor on his Twitter account, somewhere between getting high and convincing himself to drink bleach for his next celebrity stunt.
In the meantime, the duo appear to be going after the woman who apparently had sex with a dog, in an attempt to one up the couple.

So, Plowman updated her Facebook relationship status to "married to Dino Bruscia," the man who recorded himself eating human feces and posted it online (the video has since been removed).
The youngster shouts at his dad and tells him not to laugh while becoming increasingly infuriated The laughter appears to infuriate him further and he begins screaming while making humorous gestures with his hands.The video concludes with the youngster continuing to shout at his dad and telling him not to laugh. New York teenager Giovanna Plowman made disgusting viral history last week when she posted a video of herself sucking and chewing on a used tampon. The disturbing video went viral across social media sites and was even featured on Tosh.O, before it was taken down by YouTube of their Community Guidelines.

One of Daniel Tosh's agents got ahold of me and said they would love to have me and my video on their show! Whether the five-minute clip of Plowman removing the dirty female hygiene product from her own body and then "playing with it" is real or not, it's still grossly disturbing nonetheless.

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