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PlayIt's video tugging at everyone's heart strings, an orphaned elephant and Labrador playing together in the water. Coprophagia or feces eating is not an uncommon behavior for dogs and some are particularly predisposed to coprophagia.
Talk to your veterinarian about the coprophagia (or in laymen's terms poop eating) as your veterinarian may feel this is more common in dogs fed one meal a day or fed a low quality food. There are commercially manufactured food additives that you can add to your dogs food that may make the feces repulsive to your dog.
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A simple start is to not allow your dog to eat poop and go back to the basics of house training.
Ideally, adult dogs should eat at least two meals and young dogs three or more meals in a day.
Try adding some canned, crushed pineapple to your dog's food, or adding some canned peas to the food or sprinkling enzymes like a meat tenderizer on top of the food.
Before adding anything to the food, you should check with your veterinarian to be sure they are safe for your dog.
With challenge feedings (specific feeding times and limited access to food) you also are creating a more predictable elimination schedule for your dog.

If your dog is really crafty and smart, be sure he doesn't see you cleaning up and get some entertainment value out of it.
With this management tool, your dog should show improvement but it may take several weeks and more likely it will take months to see an actual behavior change for the positive.

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