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Your dog may have been put on a diet and he is hungry so he is resorting to eating his own feces in an attempt to feel more full.
Forbid always worked better than any other similar product that you could buy at pet supply stores or in pet supply catalogs, although you can certainly try other products. I had a dog with bladder stones and he was on a very specific diet that regulated the PH or his urine, so adding pumpkin or pineapple to his food would have meant a certain change in his urinary PH and would have caused him to need another several thousand dollar bladder stone removal. There is nothing dangerous about picking up after your dog ASAP and it keeps everything cleaner and you have to worry less about stepping in a pile or surprise!
A friend of mine just bought a female beautiful mountain dog pup and it was a little over 3 months old.
Some dogs can get treats from people and learn to like them and be social and some dogs just are too panicked about people. If pushed some of these dogs will resort to aggression, so if I can’t trust them I teach them confidence through not being petted or pushed past that point of being uncomfortable.

I would teach it the same when they sniff leave it, until they finally stop; then you can reward with a better reward… they will catch on just as fast as a sighted dog I bet! I am excited that two of my kids started taking dog in 4-H and after only 1 time at training the dogs are responding well to some simple commands.
There are many wonderful uses for good old white vinegar, and spraying full strength white vinegar on the dog poop works wonders! What a great help, I have 2 dogs in my daycare group, that have had this problem, this helped us tremendously.
I have a friend who has a male dachshund who was just neutered and has not started eating his poop when he does it in his crate.
My adult female Lab sometimes eats her own poop and more often other dogs poop (but not all poop). My dog was a poop eater for a while until I tried this trick, the vinegar smells so bad to them they stay away from the poop.

One of these dogs also roll around in manure and poop if they find it, and at least for the rolling in the poop, the vinegar worked like a champ-thanks again.
He specializes on human poop, recognizable because there’s generally a tissue nearby, which animals rarely use. Also my dog is jumping up on the back door of the patio and on me and making my arms bruised. So evaluate your pup against these reasons why dogs eat poop and try the suggested remedies. Your dog might be eating cat poop or other animal poop to get key nutrients and minerals not available in his own food.

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