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Animal cruelty facts show you the information about the animals killed and tortured by people. Jellyfish facts below give you the right information about one of the deadliest animals in the world. If you like to know the unique animals, you can read the whole explanation about hedgehog facts. These terms refer to the practice of fastening a dog to a stationary object or stake, usually in the owner's backyard, as a means of keeping the animal under control. Yes, the practice is both inhumane and a threat to the safety of the confined dog, other animals, and humans.
What's more, because their often neurotic behavior makes them difficult to approach, chained dogs are rarely given even minimal affection. To become well-adjusted companion animals, dogs should interact regularly with people and other animals, and should receive regular exercise. It is an owner's responsibility to properly restrain her dog, just as it is the owner's responsibility to provide adequate attention and socialization. Animal control and humane agencies receive calls every day from citizens concerned about animals in these cruel situations. An inordinate number of pit bulls being kept in one location, especially multiple dogs who are chained and seem unsociable. If you like to know more about the large marsupial, you can scrutinize the tree kangaroo facts below.

Dogs feel naturally protective of their territory; when confronted with a perceived threat, they respond according to their fight-or-flight instinct. Furthermore, a tethered dog who finally does get loose from his chains may remain aggressive, and is likely to chase and attack unsuspecting passersby and pets. Tethered dogs suffer from sporadic feedings, overturned water bowls, inadequate veterinary care, and extreme temperatures. Animal control officers, paid at taxpayer expense, spend many hours trying to educate pet owners about the dangers and cruelty involved in this practice.
In the end, the helpless dog can only suffer the frustration of watching the world go by in isolation—a cruel fate for what is by nature a highly social animal. To report websites that display acts of cruelty to animals, please contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice. If you live in a state where dogfighting penalties are deficient (like California, New York, or several others), write to your state legislatorslocal, state and Congressional representatives to support better funding for enforcement of animal fighting laws. Sign up to receive HSUS' email alerts to get the latest news about our efforts to combat animal cruelty. Put a dedicated team on the animals' side by donating to our Animal Cruelty Response and Reward Fund. Post our dogfighting video on your website, blog, or social networking profile like Facebook to raise awareness about dog fighting. Department of Agriculture (USDA) issued a statement in the July 2, 1996, Federal Register against tethering: "Our experience in enforcing the Animal Welfare Act has led us to conclude that continuous confinement of dogs by a tether is inhumane.

A chained dog, unable to take flight, often feels forced to fight, attacking any unfamiliar animal or person who unwittingly wanders into his or her territory. Cats, rabbits, smaller dogs, and others may enter the area when the tethered dog is asleep and then be fiercely attacked when the dog awakens.
Although there may have once been grass in an area of confinement, it is usually so beaten down by the dog's pacing that the ground consists of nothing but dirt or mud.
Urge your local radio station to run one of our public service announcements, available in English or Spanish, about our standing $5,000 reward for information leading to a conviction of illegal dog fighting. Adults (aged twenty and up) accounted for 77% of the cruelty cases, while teenagers accounted for 22% and children accounted for 1%. The HSUS has a standing reward now doubled to $5,000 for information leading to a conviction of illegal dog fighting.
The HSUS statistics show that 15% of the intentional animal cruelty cases also involved some form of concurrent family violence—for example, child or spousal abuse.

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