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There is no extra charge for feeding your dog his or her own food, for administering medications, multiple group play sessions, or any TLC your dog needs.  You may, however, sign your dog up for a walk or a bath, just let us know! Online booking is available for boarding requests for current customers with green card dogs. DogBoy's will be donating 5% of your purchases on Earth Day, April 22nd to 6 non-profits committed to protecting the environment.
Our dog day care center is located in South Austin in a home-like setting on an acre of fenced land.

So that's why we can confidently say you will not be dissatisfied with our Dog Boarding Service at Taurus.
Bring your dog to run and play on our 15 beautiful acres for overnight boarding, doggy day care and reward based training. DogBoy's is an all spayed and neutered facility and we will never use aversive training methods on your dogs.
Whether they need to learn their basic obedience or build their social skills with other dogs, Howl N Woof is the right place for your dog!

When your dog is rewarded for a desired behavior, he will want to repeat this behavior and learn more quickly.

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