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Anyone who trains dog or work with dogs on their behaviour will tell you that every year, new scientific evidence about dog’s behaviour will develop and therefore it is essential to always upgrade and stay in touch with the latest methods and findings about managing dog behaviour. This workshop is going to be different from the first 2 workshop I’ve conducted with more facilitation to help you, the owner or dog handler to grow and understand more scientific logical facts about dog behaviour management and how to manage the behaviour issues in a humane and positive way. Laura Brody have put this in such a clear and accurate explanation that touches deep on the root cause of many dog to dog aggression cases. Recently I’ve seen and heard about a post going around social media regarding the way an owner train her dog to obey her command.
This will be the final workshop for this year before I fly off for my further study in dog behaviour with my college from August onwards.
Dog behaviour training is a fantastically interesting subject, which allows two separate species to better understand one another and in turn co-habit peacefully. Yazoo offers a qualified dog behaviourist and trainer to help you with all your doggie problems. Dog attack stories are back in the news and combined with general levels of rescue dogs needing a home, it seems the perfect time for the RSPCA to begin their campaign to bring back the dog licence. It was his own nightmare dog, Caffrey, a white German Shepherd, that got James into dog behaviour, and his interest and talent soon led to a career working with the dogs that nobody else could fix.
Being taught the controversial methods of managing dog behaviour when I started, I wasn’t satisfied with the progress and embarked onto an educational journey to learn more and pursued further studying an Advance Diploma in Dog Behaviour with the British College of Canine Studies for about 3 years and started crossing over to positive, reward base methods to manage dog behaviour. She’s one of the worlds looked upon positive dog trainer apart from Ian Dunbar, Patricia McConnell and late Dr. This is a growing behaviour issue in Singapore, and it’s a worrying problem as population of dog owners grow.

Although she is touching on dog in America, but what we experience in Singapore is as bad, or maybe worse. This service dog does his job without feeling fearful, but he does it with confidence and calmness. However, I will be taking in dog behaviour issues for online consultation at no charge for the duration of my time in UK. Even if it causes unhappiness, I stand for what is right and what our wide range of sources can provide in terms of dog behaviour and training. Brendan has created this website to offer common sense & practical solutions that meet the needs of your dog and its particular problem or set of problems. While I don’t agree with classing certain breeds as dangerous, I do agree with owners having to get some training if they own a big or powerful dog that is capable of doing serious damage. He has saved many dogs from death row, and very often receives calls from vets needing his expertise, in the hope that they can avoid putting dogs down. He was the rescue centre’s scariest and most unmanageable dog in 20 years and was due to be euthanized as soon as the vet could get close enough! Or if a dog is fixated or obsess with a bad behaviour which requires a very hard physical correction, that’s pure abuse!
If the world class behaviourist and trainers do not need to use such abusive methods, then no one needs!! Owners must be over 18, no criminal record, take part in a training course covering the basics of dog psychology and pack structure, and the dog must have a temperament assessment by a vet and recognised owner trainer.
Owners are too quick to rush to the vets asking to put dogs down, when the problem could be something simple and easily corrected.

Another problem is that when responsible owners turn to trainers and behaviourists for help, they discover there are several beliefs and approaches. Sophia, and Dog behvaiourist, Veterinarian Ian Dunbar says they are always on a learning journey and they will never know it all about dogs because there’s always new research and studies about dog behaviour, then what more about trainers and behaviour therapist who only attain certifications or diplomas in related fields.
And here at The Dog Behaviourist, and I believe many of my other trainer friends agree as well, we as humans must respect dog’s natural needs and instincts before receiving the respect back from them.
Dogs have no concept of equality, and while they are undoubtedly one of the family, if they don’t see enough leadership and a few basic rules, some of the more dominant dogs will take over and assume the role of pack leader. The industry isn’t regulated and anyone can call themselves a trainer or behaviourist. Human hands are one of the most untrustworthy parts when it comes to correcting a dog’s behaviour.
I’m all for different approaches for different dogs and different owners, but some of the advice my clients were given before working with me was positively dangerous.
Better owners equals better dogs, but better trainers and behaviourists equals better owners.
But it’s important to understand the methods different behaviourist or trainer is using and adopt.

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