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Training classes for 2015Training classes for 2015 will be winding up on the last weekend in November. The APBC firmly believes that individuals, who wish to embark on a career in pet behaviour therapy, should aim to obtain the highest academic qualifications available to them, and as such, a degree is the minimum level acceptable for APBC membership. If you are from an academic institution and run a degree course in animal behaviour we will be pleased to list your course.
Devon Dog Behaviour provides common sense and practical solutions to all your dog behaviour and training issues.
Devon Dog Behaviour was founded by Ruth Owen to utilise her skills as a dog behaviour practitioner and a dog trainer.

We take in dogs that need our specialist behavioural skills for rehabilitationbefore finding them the right home for their needs. Join our newsletter:And be the first to find out about Articles, Radio Interviews, Neuroscience, Books, Courses, Seminars, Research, Videos, Protocols, Resources etc. Read moreNew basic courses starting in the Barossa and Gawler.There is a new basic course starting at both Training locations on the 10th and 11th October. Its aim is the improvement of owners' understanding of their dogs so that behaviour problems can be at best avoided, or at least diminished.
These on-line courses will help lay the foundations to set people up to succeed with their dogs.

We take a look at this phenomenon from a number of (neuroscience, physiology, behaviour, psychological, medical, ethological and philosophical) perspectives.

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