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Barking is one of the most common ways for dogs to communicate with us and with other dogs.
Digging is very natural among dogs and they do this either because they are bored or they want to have a cool spot to lie down. When dogs pant, we usually think that they are thirsty but the truth is, they do this to cool off body temperature. A dog’s howl usually makes us feel creepy because we have always associated it with the supernatural.
Paying attention to your dog’s behaviors will certainly help you understand your pet better. However, despite the strong connection that these cuddly creatures have with humans, they are still like any other animals—they cannot talk.
For dogs, digging is one of the skills that are innate to them and even puppies know how to dig. Knowing the meaning of your dog’s actions can also help you train him faster and stop him from misbehaving.

Dogs certainly cannot pour out their thoughts and emotions through words but they have different ways of communicating with us, and that is through their different antics and behaviors.
Another reason why dogs dig is to hide their food and toys and they definitely are very adept when it comes to hiding them. When dogs howl, it is because they want to attract attention, communicate with other dogs, or announce their presence. Our duty as their adoptive parent is not only limited to feeding them and playing with them, we always have to listen to what they want to say to us. You might get confused when your dog behaves strangely but if you study him closely, you’ll be able to know the reason for all his actions.
Barking could also mean that someone is arriving and your dog thinks it’s his job to announce it. Do not scold them when they are digging in your lawn because that behavior is really hardwired into them, however, if their diggings are becoming too alarming do not hesitate to reprimand them—in a gentle manner, of course. However, if your dog is heavily panting, it could be possibly mean that he is having a hard time with the temperature.

Sometimes, dogs also howl because they want to mimic the sound of sirens or musical instruments. If you want to understand your dog better, it is very important that you pay close attention to his different behaviors.
Aside from cooling down their body temperature, panting could also mean that they are coping up with some health problem or they have just encountered a traumatic experience. Since there are many reasons why a dog barks, it is your duty as his owner to know the meaning behind his barks so that you can instantly give him what he needs.

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