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In episode 7 of the Puppy Training Diary, Adam introduces the puppy to the place board, which he’ll use later as a foundation training tool. It would be easy to merely post videos when everthing goes right and the puppy behaves perfectly. This one thing makes training a puppy (the one in the video is my 9 week-old Belgian Malinois puppy) 1000X easier.
My name is Dennis Dalia, and I have over 25 years of experience with training dogs and dog owners. Border Collie Training Tips Learn from Professional Dog Trainer. Canine Trade Group is an exclusive network of some of the best, most skilled, and dedicated dog trainers in the United States. This site was designed to show the public that dog behavior can be changed, and it can happen quickly!

Our dog trainers undergo an extremely rigorous selection process, and regardless of their prior experience, must complete an intense training program consisting of more than 150 hours of hand’s on training with behaviorally challenged dogs, and their owners, as well as weeks of study on dog behavior and learning theory. Look for the best bargain on Dog Grooming Clippers using our popular bargain finder, and never pay the full price again!
In this video I explain why I’m switching foods and also show how I introduce a puppy to the down-position. Other trainers might be tempted to re-shoot this video when the puppy was calmer and more mellow.
I have people come to me for training that is basic obedience – sit, stay, come – all the way up to Advanced High Levels Obedience Training.
We offer a balanced, reward-based training program, and we always commit to working with our clients until we achieve all of our training goals!
We believe in setting your dog (and you) up for success; our approach is designed to achieve this, and to create long-term positive behavior change.

I specialize in behavior modification for those owners who have lost control of their dogs and want to take it back.
The obedience training and behavior modification training is for all breeds of dogs; big or small. You will learn to understand about aggression behaviors in dogs that most pet owners will encounter and how I go about changing different types of dog aggression behaviors. You will also learn the most effective dog training methods that professionals use every day for training any dog. I have had many people that have called me for dog training because they have aggression behaviors with their dogs or have been trying to train their dogs on their own and have not been successful in their training.

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