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First, if your dog has repeatedly defecated in the house, then your dog should not be allowed to run amok enabling him to continue his inappropriate behavior. When you’re not home, to prevent repeated infractions, your dog needs to be crated or otherwise confined to an area where he is responsible.
When you’re home, instead of allowing your dog to run free throughout the house, we recommend that you tether your dog to you with a thin, nylon, 6-foot leash. However, inappropriate defecation can have several underlying causes that make the problem more complex.

So, the crate will passively prevent him from having accidents while teaching him superior voluntary control of fecal behavior.
In such cases, for the best resolution to the problem, you may need to treat all the causes at once. Therefore, you shouldn’t allow an irresponsible dog to teach himself proper housebreaking behavior. When he fails to communicate and defecates inappropriately in your presence, punish him with a harsh “No” or a startling noise from a shake can.By rewarding good habits, preventing bad habits outside your presence, and punishing inappropriate defecation performed in your presence, you should effectively modify his behavior.

If after reading the long version you are still uncertain of the cause of your dog’s inappropriate behavior, or remain unable to effectively treat the behavior, you may wish to consult a competent local trainer or behaviorist who schedules in-home private consultations and specializes in resolving complex housebreaking problems.

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