Treating dogs with severe separation anxiety

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Sleep Runner There's a video of a dog on YouTube - he jumps up in his sleep, starts running, and crashes into a wall. There is the rare dog that never develops a taste for poop, just as some humans never appreciate the taste of caviar.
Don't Touch Me Some dogs have specific dislikes - like having their feet touched or nails clipped. It can worsen - sometimes after a traumatic event - and the dog may get to the point where he's unable to stop.
Crash Bang Pop If your dog destroys the house every 4th of July, he may be afraid of the fireworks in the neighborhood.
It could be separation anxiety, and your neighbors will thank you if you start behavior modification stat. Shadow Chaser It may be amusing to watch your dog chase light and shadow patterns on the wall.

Leader of the Dance The old way of training taught owners how to lead by bossing dogs around.
Train Yourself The old adage "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" has no basis in truth, says Dr. The dog may learn a new way to behave, but if the owner is inconsistent, the dog might not make progress.
For most problems, reward based techniques that help dogs unlearn their deep-seated fears are effective. Their owners may think it's funny, because their dog isn't doing it for hours at a time - yet. This behavior is natural for pets who didn't have enough positive experiences with other dogs during the sensitive period of socialization - three weeks to three months of age.
The difference between training an old dog versus a younger one actually lies in the behavior of the human.

Yin works with clients, she teaches the dog that he must lie down quietly to get the owner to return.
But if he is prone to compulsive behavior and the shadow chasing is not nipped in the bud, it could morph into something the dog is incapable of controlling, says Dr. Think about it - a moving, odorless dog that appears in the house is probably as scary as seeing a ghost, says Dr. A lot of odd dog behavior can be traced to fears that took root in the early months of a puppy's life, says veterinarian Dr. Dogs who suck blankets can swallow pieces of blanket so large they have to be surgically removed.

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