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Most people have never heard of a barking collar, and they simply put up with the frustration of owning a dog that barks excessively. The more your dog barks, the level of intensity of this Static automatically goes higher until the dog stops barking.
Some dog owners prefer spray bark collars because they feel it uses a more humane method of correction.
When considering a collar to stop your dog barking, the type you select is very important in determining the success you achieve. The other considerations to make have to do with the type of battery and if the bark collar is waterproof.
Bark control solutions also come in stationary devices which you can put in the area where your pet usually barks. The idea is that your dogs barking pattern will be interrupted with an unpleasant correction, thus training your dog to change his excessive barking habits. For example, when the dog barks the first time the collar will give a LEVEL 1 intensity which is only a slight tingle. These barking collars deliver a burst of citronella to your dogs snout every time they bark. Every time your dog barks, It emits an Ultra-Sonic sound that aims to distract your dog from barking.

In order to deliver an effective consequence it needs to respond quickly and accurately to the dogs bark. Not only is the size and weight of the bark collar important, but also its suitability to the size of dog.
If you have a pool, or dam on your property then it’d be a great idea to make sure the barking collar you get is waterproof. These devices usually have a range in which it can detect barking; as soon as it does it delivers an ultra sonic sound to deter the behavior. Just put on the collar, and before long it’ll seem like you have a completely different dog. While some dogs may be sensitive to the sound, it is fair to say that although it is cheaper to purchase, they are not as effective compared to static and spray collars. A big collar on a small dog may deliver a consequence far too great, while a small collar on a big dog may not provide enough of a correction to stop the barking.
If you don’t like the idea of always having to buy batteries, you can select a barking collar which is rechargeable. Most bark collars these days are waterproof, but you better make sure before you place your order. The bark collar contains a reservoir that you can fill with citronella, which is good for about 40-50 sprays.

Most of the barking collars will suit most dog breeds, but if you have a very small dog, or a very big dog – there are specific collars you can choose from.
Indoor devices can be put in your room or near their favourite barking spot to deter your dog from barking. Barking collars give a measured level of intensity of static depending on how much your dog barks. So the more your dog barks, the higher the level of static it will deliver until your dog stops barking. Although not quite as effective as static barking collars, if you feel uncomfortable with using them, Citronella barking collars would be your best alternative.
These static bark collars do this automatically, and they are the most effective bark collars because they only deliver what YOUR dog needs to convince him that he needs to quiet down.
However if you have more than one barking dog, there is a slight risk that another dogs bark could trigger the collar to go off.

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