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The best part about in home training is our dog was not stressed by the sounds and smells of other dogs which is what we had when we took him to training facilities. How to Get Cats and Dogs to Coexist PeacefullyHaving cats and dogs living together can be a unique challenge. I was genuinely surprised by his consistent availability, and genuine concern for me and my dog's welfare. My dog came down with parvo in the middle of the class sessions and the trainer along with the manager of the store gave me a credit to start the class over when she was well again! I have been so pleased that even though I know how to train my dogs when ever I get a new puppy or even a grown rescue I put them through this course regardless of the fact I could do it on my own.

He took the time to get an overall picture and sense for the dog instead of a cookie cutter regimen of . Research who to hire, learn tips and tricks, and consult with your neighborsComplaint ResolutionIf a project goes badly, Angie’s List has a complaint resolution team standing by to help you.
What impressed me the most was him saying each dog is unique therefore they do not all respond to the same training method.
He is a smart dog, knowing all commands well, but when fearful he then ignored, almost seemingly forgot everything he knew.
As many probably know, a major part of addressing behavior issues with dogs involves teaching the humans involved proper techniques.

We like to travel and were not happy boarding him knowing he is stressed with other dogs and his behavior was unpredictable.

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