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For months, Michael Guzzo complained to neighbors about incessant dog barking, even putting up fliers on doors throughout his Phoenix townhome complex advising people of pet ordinances and fines. This weekend, police say, Guzzo went on a rampage, methodically killing four members of a family and their two dogs that lived next door before killing himself with the same shotgun. While his motive died along with him, neighbors and family members of the victims say he was becoming increasingly unhinged over dog noise.
Neighbors in the complex of two-story townhomes where a central courtyard looks like a tree-laden park said Guzzo made no secret that the barking dogs were irritating him. He often left printouts of the city's dog barking ordinance on doors throughout the community, said Joni Flood, 21, who lives a few doors down from the victims.
He said police told him Guzzo, 56, killed the two men first, then walked through the family's unlocked front door and shot Renee, her son, Shannon, and the dogs.
Libni Deleon, 26, said that just a few months ago he returned home from work to find Guzzo standing by his back gate where his two dogs were on the patio barking. In 2013, Phoenix was ranked 11th in the country for dog bites of postal workers, with 32 attacks. If a letter carrier delivers mail or packages to your front door, place your dog into a separate room and close the door before opening the front door. Parents should remind their children not to take mail directly from letter carriers in the presence of the family pet as the dog may see handing mail to a child as a threatening gesture.
One shopping center, Arizona Center in downtown Phoenix, even bills itself as dog friendly.

In our book, Happy Dog Phoenix pointed out the Maricopa County has free prescription drug card that people can sign up for to get discounts on people drugs as well as dog drugs. But turning off the AC and opening the doors can set off another set of problems: barking dogs. In researching Happy Dog Phoenix, I looked up the dog barking ordinances for each metro Phoenix town.
Researchers believe dogs dream about things that happen in their lives as a way to sort through their experiences just as humans do. After about ten minutes, your dog enters the rapid eye movement (REM) or active stage of sleep.
Research shows that adult dogs spend about 10 to 12 percent of their sleeping time in REM sleep. Dog experts say the amount of time spent napping varies from dog to dog and depends on the dog’s age and personality.
Short Leash Dogs is a food truck that is found throughout central Phoenix and at private events.
During the course of a night, a dog lying in your bed will expand twice his normal body length and double his weight. An Arizona man has murdered his four neighbors and killed their two dogs because the canines wouldn't stop barking loudly, police have revealed. Dogs have been known to burst through screen doors or plate-glass windows to get at strangers.

City of Phoenix gets more barking dog complaints in the fall because people open up their doors and it is easier to hear the neighborhood howler. Each city has their own way of responding to complaints, their own requirements for people making the complaint and their own set of fines. For dogs, this involves a lot of hunting and tracking; for humans, it just means showing up naked in class or being chased by a unicorn.
Fortunately, asthma is pretty uncommon in dogs, but dust can irritate the eyes and respiratory tract, leading to coughing, sneezing, and eye discharge. When he moved into the apartment a year and a half ago, she says he was angry and depressed.She adds that he was so angry about the neighborhood's barking dogs that he left several notes on doors around the apartment complex. Or if you have a dog who loves to sound off, you can find the place where you will the least amount of grief. Priority Pet Hospital serves the East Valley and they are great providing low-stress preventive, medical, surgical and dental care for dogs and cats.

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