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By consumeristcarey September 20, 2008 Christina’s two dogs fell ill after eating Purina Beneful infested with maggots and fly larvae. I then brought this up with Petsmart’s main office, who claims it is not their responsibility either. This sounds like one of those dreadful stories where the cable guy says the problem is with your TV, and the TV guy says the problem is with your cable.
Sure it is possible this food could have been contaminated at their home, but the former two is more likely. Purina and Petsmart… picture yourselves being thwacked on the nose with a rolled up newspaper. Even if the maggots didn’t make the dogs throw up, it had to be something in the food which is causing them to be sick.
In college I had a holistic pet doctor come and talk to my Alt Medicine class and he explained that to help most dogs with serious, chronic illnesses, his first step was to always change their diets. Spices in the food I make would cause my dog to have diahrea… that is when he was alive.
A PETCO warehouse in Joliet, IL was closed for a while this year because of an infestation of birds, rodents and the disgusting things that go with them. That being said, after all the pet food scares we’ve had recently, I would think Purina would be a bit more interested in the complaint than they were.
Within roughly a week, we received in the mail coupons for not one, but TWO free, full-size bags of Swheat Scoop, and 6 coupons for $1 off bags of the litter.
Purina should be ashamed, particularly with all the pet-death-by-food problems in the past year. If it was me, I’d expect the pet store to replace the food as both a courtesy and a condition of their satisfaction guarantee.

While I agree that the OP got appalling treatment, I also agree with those suggesting a high-quality all natural or organic dog food.
The thing people have to keep in mind about dog food is the dog is eating it every day for their entire life. Ol’Roy is likely one of the worst pet food brands on the market and should be avoided. Just bought a bag of ol’roy dry dog food 11 Sept 2015 sku#0538802287 had mold on food!! Our puppy who was getting ready to turn a year old died after we gave him a ol’roy dog biscuit. There’s no telling what the PetSmart warehouse that the infested food came from looked like. Therefore, even small improvements in the quality of the food can make a big difference in the overall health and lifespan of dog. Ol’Roy has had 39 recalls and withdraws since 2005 with an estimated 16 million recalled cans, bags, or packages of pet products. While this site is intended to analyze recalls, the amount of inferior ingredients in this food makes it worth mentioning.
I had already fed our two labs two meals of the infested food before realizing there were numerous maggots and fly larva. She said the new Purina food we had switched to had caused it, and in her one office alone she had see 4-5 other cats sick this way from this one brand of food and 1 brand of similar Iams food.
Most bags are made of more than one layer of material glued together, to try and guard against tearing, but there is only so much they can do without putting all the bags in Tyvek or something – which would probably be incredibly expensive and passed on to consumers. Believe it or not, the FDA is better at protecting the pet food supply than the human food supply.

Ol’Roy has also received a large number of consumer complaints including ones that include pictures of moldy food and maggots. In a good food, you’ll see a quality meat like chicken, chicken meal, lamb, lamb meal, etc. When confronting purina with it and filing a claim to pay the vet bills, their vets who viewed the vet report claimed it was merely a UTI that almost killed my cat and nthing more, but gave us a consolation payout of $150 as a gesture.
Within 24 hours, we had a letter of apology, an explanation (that unless stored properly by the stores, this litter does sometimes end up with beetles, so it was the store’s fault), and a promise of reimbursement as well as the promise of a call to the store to inform them that they needed to store the litter properly and treat customers more kindly. While not all are verified as the cause or sickness, with so many complains one has to ask why.
Ol’Roy uses cheap grains, animal bones,  by-products, and undisclosed fat sources preserved with cancer causing preservatives. There are companies that have poor food and issue frequent recalls but then there are companies that have complaints but choose not to issue recalls. An apology, a promise to investigate, and replacement food (plus a free bag or two) would seem the least they could do for the consumer.
Maggots, incidentally, are the first living organism licensed by the FDA for prescription use on humans. Not only that, but all of that commercial food is loaded with sugars to make it taste good.

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