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The Anxiety Wrap was created to be an alternative or holistic approach to behavior modification for dog and cats.
Crates are a comforting safe haven for some dogs, while others injure themselves trying to break out.
Barbara Nicholas of Wilkinsburg said owners are doing exactly the wrong thing when they hug and comfort a dog that is cowering in fear during a storm. Launched in 2001, the wrap is made of a comfortable, stretchable fabric "an animal wears like a bodysuit," Ms. There may be some real science involved here, because Temple Grandin favorably mentions the Anxiety Wrap in her latest best-selling book, "Animals Make Us Human." She's a professor at Colorado State University with a doctorate in animal science. Experienced dog owners who volunteer with Going Home Greyhounds have found that their storm-scared dogs, rescued from the racing tracks, are often calmed by wearing T-shirts that have been worn by family members.
If your dog gets anxious during thunderstorms, fireworks, suffers from nervous or shy behavior check this out!

In the worst case I've heard, a Pittsburgh dog jumped through the screened window of a second-floor bedroom and was badly injured when he landed on the paved driveway. Charlie, the golden retriever, is not my dog, but I am friends with him and his owners, the Nappi family in Mt. Sharpe said she started out by putting T-shirts on fearful dogs and then added duct tape to make the shirts fit better. The Original Anxiety Wrap for Dogs is a comforting cloth wrap that applies gentle pressure to help calm dogs and prevent nervous or destructive behaviors. Crazed with fear and anxiety, dogs demolish furniture or flee the safety of their homes to run outside into the storm and out of their yards. By Day I am a Professional Dog Groomer, in my spare time I am either crocheting or knitting. We are so excited to offer The Anxiety Wrap offers a holistic approach to calm your dog when it is stressed by thunderstorms, fireworks, car sickness or vet visits.

Repeated use can aid in ending shyness and nervousness, destructive chewing, grooming issues, jumping and help release stress and tension in your dog. Created in 2001, it was the first of its kind on the market and invented the category of Pressure Wraps.
Be fair warned that dogs love the taste & will bark for more, so you may want to order a year supply!
Your dogs will fall in love with our grrreat selection, while you go gaga over our amazing prices! A picture is worth a thousand words, or shall we say free bully sticks!Our photo gallery is growing constantly, please submit a photo of your dog enjoying any of our products to enter our twice monthly contest!

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