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We are all aware what happens to our children if we feed  them food that is full of additives, colourants and E numbers. Early neutering can cause a number of physical and behaviour problems that can include the list of behaviours I have mentioned above. Dog Food and BehaviourIf they are feeding their dogs on food such as Bakers Complete or Pedigree. I feel it is important to state, that though I am looking at Bakers and Pedigree in this article. It does not mean that other household named brands are not putting in ingredients that could have a detrimental effect on health and wellbeing of our pets. It may surprise you to know they include Hills Science Plan, Royal Canin and Burns. I also believe the Supermarkets like Sainsbury's and Tesco's, should understand the ingredients of the dog food they are stocking.
It is patently obvious to me that the colours and shapes are there to attract the owners to buy this brand, simply because it looks so full of goodness. With contents that include un-named cereals, meat derivatives, sugars, fats, vegetable derivatives, colourants, antioxidants and preservatives. How can Purina describe this as a good wholesome food, doggylicious and nutritionally balanced, is totally beyond me.
E132 - Can cause skin sensitivity, a rash similar to nettle rash, itching, nausea, high blood pressure and breathing problems.
E110 - Sunset Yellow has been found to damage kidneys and adrenals when fed to laboratory rats. In a PMFA (Pet Food Manufacturers Association) press release, they state: "In light of recent media coverage about prepared dog foods, the PFMA speaks out on behalf of an industry deeply committed to enhancing pet welfare through optimum nutrition".
People are now more aware than ever of the affects of food and behaviour in our children and our pets.
This is usually used with the manufacturer’s profit margin in mind as opposed to the quality of food for your pet.
This sounds low quality protein as it comes from the less desirable parts of an animal such as the feet and guts. It uses the minimum level of protein.
Bakers also include unspecified artificial preservatives and antioxidants - another group of ingredients that the majority of nutritional experts recommend avoiding, due to their links to health problems. (1) With all low grade foods, the amount you feed to get a reasonable amount of nutrients in your dog is quite high. I feel it is important to state that Bakers is not the only dog food that uses E numbers, animal derivatives, and unspecified ingredients.  Another leading brand that comes to mind is Pedigree, which also uses bulking agents, like cereals, and animal meat derivatives, antioxidants, artificial colourings, and preservatives .
On the Dog Food Analysis site they state (5)"Overall this is one of the lowest quality products reviewed on this site. There is another area that can cause severe behavioural and medical problems and that is, Annual Vaccinations.
My thanks to the websites below, especially Which Dog Foods who have done exhaustive research. Premium quality British dog food made in our own Suffolk Mill using the finest quality natural ingredients.
Don't throw money away on expensive, prepackaged meals without reading the labels, and certainly don't continue feeding these meals to your dog if they seem to diminish her health.

BARF, or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, is a blend of human grade raw meats and wholesome vegetable ingredients. In the kibble and canned food arena, the best food for dogs is made with whole, recognizable ingredients.
Additional substances are often added to dog food to support taste, color, a pleasant mouth feel, a tidy excretion (yes, food manufactures take that into account), and a long shelf life. The best dog food blends are usually found in natural food stores, veterinary offices and feed stores rather than grocery stores.
Natural Balance relies on brown rice, oatmeal and barley for a carbohydrate base and adds healthy proteins like chicken, lamb and salmon. Newman's Own Organics is a great canned food that is made with fresh meat, real broth and it doesn't have a lot of fillers. Canidae also meets the criteria of being a great food for your pet since it is made with healthy fresh meats, a real broth base, and minimal fillers. The fact the dog may have been neutered far too early, gives me an insight into why the dog may be having behavioural problems. We all know that they can cause certain behavioural and medical problems. At the time of writing I believe there are 13 E-numbers in Bakers complete dog food.
You only have to read the above ingredients and additives, to understand that they do not exactly fit the description of "optimum nutrition".  Reports by dog owners of aggression, hyperactivity, itchy skin, cancer and other health related problems. It is recommended by nutritionists to provide a higher level of protein in your dog’s diet than Bakers currently provide. Though the problems with labelling like Bakers and Pedigree, is there are often unspecified ingredients, so we do not get anywhere near the whole picture. It receives a 1* rating due to the unavailability of anything lower" Says it all really. I believe the law should be changed, so we as the purchaser, know exactly what is going into many of today’s popular dog foods.
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The Mill has belonged to the Skinner family for seven generations, but it was the idea of the current Chairman, Roger Skinner, to branch into complete dry dog foods in the early 1970’s – a time when there were very few competitors in this sector of the market. While a cheap kibble mix of approximately three bins containing cornmeal, soybean meal and slaughterhouse byproducts will fill a dog's belly, it won't provide the same nutrition as food crafted from a wide range of fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, and seed oils. However, remember that when it comes to the best dog food, what you pay for is often what you get. Reputable dog food company will provide an explanation for each supplement, preservative or chemical filler- if not on the package then on the company's website. Their dog food is available in single meats and blended diets formulated for age and lifestyle. Finding a brand that includes real meat (or meat meal), as its base and minimal fillers will tremendously improve your pet's health. Which they believe was caused by feeding their dogs certain dog foods, have been around for many years. The level of sugar in Bakers could explain the complaints of hyperactivity from some dog owners.

Specific meats or meat meal should be the main ingredient, followed by clearly listed vegetables and fruits. No matter which brand you choose, remember to monitor your dog carefully for health changes, especially after introducing a new diet.
Food allergies are the third most common type and cause of allergies in dogs after flea bite and atopic allergies.Any dog or puppy, male and female, neutered or not, can experience food allergies. Always read the labels and check online to see if there are any articles or recommendation for your brand of dog food. There is no direct scientific correlation between certain breeds and the number of food allergy sufferers as it's largely dependent on the individual dog and their lineage.Little is known for sure about food allergies in our pets scientifically speaking but several ingredients have been identified as common causes.
These are: Beef Dairy Wheat Chicken eggs Chicken Lamb Soy Pork Rabbit Fish and CornIt is no coincidence that some of those common causes listed above are ingredients found in leading commercial dog foods.
It is important to recognise the difference between a food allergy and a food intolerance.Food allergies are legitimate allergies that cause typical symptoms associated with allergies such as itching and skin problems. Recurring infections that don't respond to antibiotics or steroids have been shown to be common sign of a food allergy.Other tell-tale signs of a food allergy are dogs that suffer from allergies all year round or display symptoms when winter begins or younger dogs that suffer from harsh skin conditions. As previously mentioned the symptoms of food allergies are similar to other problems in dogs so it can be hard to pinpoint.If you're unsure visit your vet because it is important to rule out everything else that could be causing allergies before suspecting a food allergy. If all other possibilities have been exhausted then it's entirely possible that your dog may be a food allergy sufferer. Time for an elimination diet!Elimination DietsIf you're unfamiliar with the term, an elimination diet (also known as a food trial) is a specified feeding regime that is made up of one source of protein and carbohydrates that your dog hasn't had before.They are used to eliminate all allergy triggers by replacing their food with an allergen free diet. The diet must be fed for a minimum of 12 weeks and must be strictly upheld to be effective.This includes not letting your dog roam around where he could find edible objects, any new foods introduced even accidentally during an elimination diet could render it invalid.
This also means the dog can't be given any foods apart from those on his elimination diet so no treats, no rawhide, and no flavoured medication.If the symptoms of the dog's food allergy significantly subside then the dog can be put back onto their normal diet.
If the symptoms return after they're back on their regular diet then they have a food allergy. This is the only definitive way to confirm a food allergy and it's known as 'provocative testing'.In some cases there can be no change in symptoms but if you still suspect that your dog has a food allergy then you should switch the main ingredient of the elimination diet and try again. If your dog responds well to an elimination diet and allergic symptoms subside then you can gradually introduce ingredients one at a time to find out which your dog is allergic to.There are commercially available elimination diets to be found but you can always make your own.
Bear in mind however that a dog's diet needs to be properly balanced with the essential amount of ingredients, vitamins and minerals.Cooking your dog's food yourself means that you know exactly what's going into their food but it can be time consuming. It can be more trouble than it's worth as it's easy to get it wrong and accidentally leave out essential nutrients.Another annoying thing about food allergies is that dogs can become allergic to most ingredients given enough exposure so try rotating their diet every few months so they can become stable on varying diets. It's a unique blend of prebiotics and probiotic bacterial designed to support digestive health in your dog's stomach.Probiotics top up the naturally occurring beneficial bacteria found in the stomach as opposed to antibiotics which introduce foreign bacteria which the body doesn't always know how to handle. I never realise just how loud my own voice is inside my head, until I am on the beach, with my dog.

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