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In 2011 thanks to the Miami Herald we heard for the first time about Barbara Alba who was receiving about $3.000 a month to cover child support for their 9-year-old daughter Destiny Perez without any formal court order, but as his fame arouse so did Alba’s demands which is why she hired lawyer Jason Setchen to get a raise of that child support and get  the matter in paper. As far as we know there is no wife and some people rumored that he once dated Nayer, but that was never confirmed and if he is dating someone at this moment, he is pretty good at keeping it a secret. So then comes little Bryce Perez, Pitbull’s handsome son born on March 5, 2003, his famous father immortalized his face and birth date with a tattoo on his right arm, the mother of Bryce is..

I think that #Pitbull is doing the right thing by keeping his personal life pretty private and I think that he is the most amazing singer and I love everything about the man.
Worldwide has been linked to singer  Nayer, Jennifer Lopez although I think this was just a rumor, but there was once a time when Pitbull born Armando Perez who dated a sexy Latina known by the name of Barbara Alba, the mother of some of his children.

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