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In generations past people believed that erect ears were key to improved hearing, so cropping a Doberman's naturally floppy ears was a common practice. Step 2Clean your dog's ears thoroughly using a hydrogen peroxide solution, a dog ear cleaner or a solution provided by your vet.
Step 3Place a tampon without the plastic applicator or thick gauze against the outside of one of your dog's ears -- the portion that has been cropped. Step 1Teach your dog to accept ear care by periodically handling his ears while he is still a puppy. The American Kennel Club does not require that Dobermans' ears be taped to compete in the show ring.

Remove the wrap and inspect your dog's ears every few days to see if he's holding his ears up or not.
Put your dog in an Elizabethan collar -- commonly called a cone or an E-collar -- if he scratches at his ears. You'll want to take special care of your Doberman pinscher's ears whether they're cropped or not.
To ensure proper ear structure, the procedure usually takes place between 7 and 8 weeks, and you must tape the ears for several weeks thereafter.
Start wrapping tape at the base of your dog's ears, not at the top -- this stabilizes the ears.

Continue wrapping up to the tips of your dog's ears so the ears are covered in tape and taped together. Simply drop one to two drops of dog ear-cleaning solution into each ear, then gently rub the ears.
Your vet should have experience cropping Doberman ears, because improper cropping can lead to numerous problems.

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