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So you are here because you love dogs and want to possibly start a career in training them. Perhaps you want to learn exactly how to become a dog trainer so that you can make your own pooch more obedient.
You should get certified to become a dog trainer even though you are not required to do so. Having some form of training can make it a lot easier to get business and make money as a dog trainer.
Get in touch with a local dog training company and ask them if you can come along and volunteer for a few hours. Dogs might be the only animals you’ll be dealing with in your career, but remember that you only need to take their owners into consideration.
Finally, if you’re going to work as a self-employed dog trainer, you need to ensure that you have the necessary business skills in order to make everything run smoothly.
University courses etc will not necessarily train you how to train dogs or, as is more usual, train people to train dogs. Someone who declares they have "x" qualification in dog training should be supported by living proof of their competency ie dogs and handlers who have attained set standards of competency themselves in whatever discipline the trainer specialises in etc. The best way to become a dog trainer is to observe how people are trained by the best trainers and to do some yourself. Dog training is less about dogs and more about people, training dogs is simple, demonstrating to others the best methods to employ for the required results is not quite so straightforward as few attendees have dog training as their sole agenda when they come to classes. Dog behaviourism is a relatively new profession and as such no governing bodies or affiliated official register are in place. There are many routes in to this profession, as with many dog related careers people can start off as kennel-hand and gain knowledge and training from that.
In 1978, the first HM customs and excise sniffer dogs were introduced to detect cannabis being smuggled into the country. Training starts early, and the first stage of training a potential guide dog is the puppy walking stage. Dog trainers begin their employment as a trainee, and are constantly assessed and evaluated on their performance.
The British institute of professional dog trainers was founded in 1974 in order to compile a register of persons eligible to practice as professional dog trainers. Prior to 1974, security dogs were a lot rarer, therefore of the first sets of security dogs were lower in quality than those that we are used to seeing today at football matches and other events where high profile people may be.
Security dogs can be needed for many reasons, but they are only ever effective when under the control of fully trained and qualified security dog handler. A guide dog mobility instructor is responsible for completing the final part of a guide dog's training. After the initial process of selecting prospective dogs and training them, it is a mobility instructor's duty to make the transition from training to being housed with a blind person as smooth as possible. This job requires a person to walk long distances every day in all sorts of weather, so physical fitness is needed in order to be most effective in this job.
Promotion opportunities are available to areas such as Area supervisor or Regional training manager.
As more and more people welcome a dog into their home, there will always be work for dog trainers.
Detector dogs, which are often Labrador Retrievers, undergo a training program that is around 10 weeks long. General purpose police dogs undergo a training program that takes around 18 weeks, and covers agility and obedience training, retrieving, search and rescue and manwork – the ability to grab and hold a criminal. At this point, they are then matched with a visually impaired person, and the dog-handler team undergo further training until they are a finely tuned partnership. I’m wanting to become a Certified Dog Trainer for my Community and town and we have no shelters for me to volunteer at.
Sign up for the free K9 Magazine newsletter and we'll send you The 100 Greatest Dog Training Tips of All Time eBook (normally sells for 7.99). Hanrob Dog Training Academy has been providing dog obedience and detector dog training services in Sydney, Melbourne and Internationally since 1990. If you are passionate about becoming a professional dog trainer and having a career in this industry, then our nationally recognised ACM40310 Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services course is for you! This 7 month* course will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to be a master in dog training. On completion of the course, you will gain a nationally recognised qualification in ACM40310 Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services. These include professional jobs in zoos, careers at Hanrob Pet Hotels and starting their own pet care and training businesses. The theoretical component is essential in gaining a solid foundation behind dog psychology, behaviour modification, dog training principles and canine care. Our trainers have 50+ years combined experience and have trained dogs for various applications across private, corporate, domestic and international government sectors. Jenn is renowned for her ability to break down complex concepts and skills. She is also a qualified TAE instructor for the Companion Animal Services Certificate IV qualification.
A life-time animal lover, Mel worked for the NSW Police Dog Unit and has been involved in the animal industry since 2006. Lee has had an active involvement and passion for animals all of her life and has worked professionally with dogs for the past five years, working at Hanrob as a trainer since 2013. You will gain access to multiple training applications and training tools from obedience training to detector dogs. Passionate Instructors with combined 50+ years of teaching experience and are active professionals in their fields with the latest knowledge in dog training principles.
Exceptional Teaching Quality - We have officially trained dogs in the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service.
We are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), so you can expect only the highest quality teaching in accordance to the Australian Quality Skills Framework.
Meet Doggy Dan: One of New Zealand’s Most Trusted & Leading Dog Experts Who Makes Training Your Dog HIGHLY EFFECTIVE, SUPER SIMPLE and Most of All…FUN!
Right now you’re probably reading this message because you’re desperate to finally learn how to not only train your dog quickly and effectively, but you also don’t want to have to spend a huge chunk of cash on professional dog trainers or read yet another dog training book that doesn’t get you results. It’s amazing how many dog owners think that if they are forceful enough with their dog, yell at them more, or even resort to hitting them or using shock collars that they will finally learn to behave. With what I’m about to teach you, you won’t have to resort to yelling or hitting your dog, or even using those downright cruel training devices that use shock therapy. I can’t believe that these MYTHS are still being peddled by the pet industry and professional dog trainers. It’s a MULTI-MILLION Dollar industry and so many of the ‘celebrity’ trainers endorse them, however to me, these methods almost border on TORTURING your dog.
The problem was he was using outdated training methods (the ol’ chicken and cheese approach) and he basically admitted he had no idea how to train older and “more difficult” dogs.
You’d think since a dog’s nickname is “A Man’s Best Friend” that it would be easy to modify a dog’s bad behavior and train them. I’m going to let you in on a GIGANTIC SECRET, and this is where a lot of amateur dog trainers go terribly wrong. This is huge fatal flaw that many dog owners are not aware of, and this is where all dog training and behavior issues can go wrong really quick! In the dog training information I’m about to reveal to you below, you’re going to discover how to properly UNDERSTAND what’s actually going on in the mind of your dog, as well as learn WHAT they do respond to so behavioral training can be EASY & EFFECTIVE! Thousands of beloved dog owners have not only used my training with excellent results, but I’ve also trained dogs of all types and breeds.
Now I’ve created a powerful new online dog training program to help you deal with your own dog issues head on to give you REAL RESULTS. After years of working with thousands of people, helping them train their dogs, I knew there had to be a better way to reach out to even more frustrated dog owners just like yourself. This means you’ll get an EXPERT dog trainer at your service, to help you and walk you through the EXACT step-by-step instructions I use for both high paying and even celebrity clients! You’ll get real experience and knowledge from a seasoned dog expert, not just a bunch of random YouTube videos from someone who labels themself as a “dog expert”…but doesn’t have the credentials to back up their claims.

This is why OVER 10,000+ DOG OWNERS have been simply raving about the success of this training with their own dogs and getting amazing results.
Unlike other dog training programs that either cost a fortune or offer you information that doesn’t really give you the results you want, The Online Dog Trainer Members Only website will give you PROVEN methods that you can learn, step-by-step, for successful dog training. Without them you'll never win over dog's mind, and you simply won't be able to train them successfully. This complete section includes general health, getting started, socializing, behavioral issues and command training. Or just socialise with the members and get to know other like-minded dog lovers from all over the world. I’m continuing to film my live consultations and each week I’ll be adding more videos to help reinforce your training as you watch me transform other dogs. You can become a dog trainer and start your own dog training career in a short period of time.
Maybe you have a passion for animals and would love to follow a new career path, training the pets of other people and running classes that many dog owners can take advantage of. However, being a good trainer can be achieved by undergoing some level of training yourself. You can find tips about getting your dog training certification at Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.
When looking for classes, very few dog owners will be willing to place their trust in somebody who simply claims that they can train dogs without being able to show any proof of this.
Asking a friend if you can train their new puppy can be useful for you on a personal level, but this might not look so professional on your resume or in an advert. True, it's a dream job for many (to become a dog trainer) and it's absolutely the case that the dream job can live up to expectations, but it all comes with these words of caution.
In fact, you might just find you get little more than a puzzled expression if you speak a career advisor and inform them of your desire to become a professional dog trainer. Also, referrals may not be forthcoming if it is considered that a person practicing as a dog behaviourist does not possess any formal or academic qualifications that are relevant to this particular field. It is important for anyone considering this job to be able to combine a love and understanding of dogs with good academic qualifications and standards. Twenty six years later and there are roughly sixty dogs working around the country, able to detect all manner of contraband from cigarettes to cheese, honey to hand guns, even cold hard cash and people, and guarding our country’s ports from smugglers and drug traffickers, these dogs are constantly revolutionising our national security practices. There are over 4,300 working guide dogs in the U.K and over 2,500 more at any one time being used as breeding stock or in training. This is done by a volunteer every day to provide a basic foundation for the advanced guide dog training.
This part of the training is more intense than the first stage as there can be no dogs that struggle in the last stages of training. This meant that the dangerous dogs register was needed to monitor and control any animals that acquired certain skills but were not in the correct state of mind to work.
The skills needed to become a security dog trainer are not easily acquired, and certain qualifications are essential before any person can practice as a security dog trainer. This will constitute the dog having to successfully negotiate a hurdle jump and a solid wall jump.
This will involve an exercise in which an 'intruder' has to be tackled by the dog under the instructions of his handler. This is when the examiner checks to see if the potential trainer is aware of the legal responsibilities he has as well as the veterinary issues he will need to be aware of in order to look after his dog properly. The training of a guide dog is a long and intense process and each element of that training requires attention from a competent and dedicated member of the training team.
Any supplementary information concerning dissertations or other issues need only be included if they are relevant to the job in question. Our guide to help you become a dog trainer has, hopefully, given you some information on where to start, what course and qualifications you might want to explore and - most importantly - an insight in to what is required should you actually attain your dream and become a full time professional dog trainer. These people will need help to teach their dog basic manners, and how to fit in nicely with their family routine.
Again, guide dog services breed their own dogs, and the pups spend their first 12 months with a puppy caring family. There is often a shortage of trainers with the skills to work in this area; in 2009 an Australian guide dog association had to advertise overseas to meet their demand for people with the skills and experience for this important role.
The Delta Society holds training sessions where you and your dog can become a pet partner team, and visit people in nursing homes and other facilities.
Here you'll find advice on everything from dog training to dog diet advice as well as interviews with well known dog lovers and insightful features on the broadest range of canine lifestyle topics. We are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO – 70236) delivering educational programs with nationally recognised qualifications. Combining theory and plenty of hands-on training, you will be certified to conduct both one-on-one and group dog obedience and training classes for dogs and puppies. Due to Hanrob’s reputation for real world experience and leadership in dog training, we have an extremely high success rate with graduates then going on to work as part of our training team or successfully gaining other jobs within the industry. He has trained dogs and handlers for various applications for clients from the private, corporate and domestic and international government sectors.
For 10 years, Wayne has been involved in the training of both handlers and dogs and employment of dogs in support of non-conventional counter terrorism operations with the Army Explosive Detection Dogs. Companion and working dog trainer, veterinary nurse and mammalian zookeeper are just some of the roles she has enjoyed throughout the industry. Lee commenced her career working as a Clinical Assistant, Animal Attendant and Shelter Attendant in a number of countries overseas in a variety of dog shelters to fundraise, assist and support dogs living in harsh conditions.
This allows you to work with and handle a variety of dogs, whilst completing a Practical Hours Logbook.
Before You Spend MORE Money On Expensive Dog Trainers or Products, Read This Message First! But before you throw in the towel with your dogs behavior or simply “settle” and learn to “live with it”…no matter how “out of control” your think your dog is, there is HOPE. When the dog barks, they are then “corrected” by being shocked with low current electricity. They then follow up the “click” and reward the dog with a treat to train them positive behaviors. The funny thing is, not only do I find training older dogs just as easy as younger ones, in most cases they respond even BETTER than younger dogs. Many dog owners think that they can simply hire a dog trainer, and let them do all the hard work, and the dog will be magically trained. Once you understand this one single principle about dogs, it can not only change your personal relationship with your own dog, but it’ll help you understand how to MORE effectively control and train them.
I’m a full-time professional dog trainer and one of the leading dog trainers in Auckland, New Zealand. This is a program that contains years and years of dedication and hard work, and only includes the information, steps and techniques I know will help you get the real results you are desiring the most with your own dog. It also works for dogs of all sizes, shapes, and ages and covers everything you need to know “under one roof”.
I'll explain there are five simple Golden Rules you put in place to quickly transform how your dog responds to you. Apply these tips and you'll see how easy it is to turn your dog into a happy, respectful and well-mannered member of the family. In order to become a successful dog trainer, you need to have certain skills and some qualifications too. It is unfortunate that there is no degree courses to become a dog trainer however you can obtain a degree in behavioral sciences and apply it towards your animal behaviorist certification. If you’re hoping to work for a dog training company, some level of training will look great on your resume and will certainly help you with getting the position.
This skill will be more valuable in your dog training career than any theoretical knowledge you have, and the best way to develop this is by spending plenty of time with dogs. 1 - If you want to become a dog trainer, you need to have a talent and empathy for dogs (believe it or not, not everyone who thinks they would like to train dogs actually has these fundamental skills). But if you're here and you've asked yourself the question how do I become a dog trainer, then our goal is to put you on the path with some sound advice.

Courts may require a behaviourist when dealing with The dangerous dogs act, this will require any behaviourist to be articulate, knowledgeable and well presented.
However practical experience with dogs is essential to supplement any academic qualification. The dog is taken for long walks to help build his confidence and give him worldly experience. This part of the training includes familiarising the dog with the type of surroundings he will be required to negotiate with his new owner.
An aptitude for learning is one quality that is looked favourably upon, as is a natural affinity with and understanding of dogs. Upon completion of all of the modules the candidate is considered a qualified guide dog trainer.
To become a security dog trainer a person must either complete a course held at an accredited training centre or pass an exam on the patrol dog training scheme. A well kept and good looking dog will always command more respect than a scruffy, unhealthy looking dog. This is a good opportunity for the judges to see if the handler has a natural talent for training dogs.
The mobility instructor will supervise and aid the initial meetings between the dog and his future owner.
As well as academic achievement, candidates for this job should have experience and confidence with dogs. The dates of employment need only be referred to by year of commencement and year of termination. We wish you the very best of luck in your pursuit of what is truly a dream job for dog lovers (provided you're good enough!).
The demand for dog trainers is increasing because people are more willing and able to spend money on managing their dog's behavioral problems or bad habits.
Police dogs that work in the field may be needed to show aggression; this too suggests that a timid pup isn't the best choice for police work.
Cadaver dogs are taught to detect the scent of human remains, and are used to locate deceased bodies.
I’m have a strong desire to work with dogs and to help people to have a better human and canine relationship.
You can expect to gain an in-depth understanding on a wide range of dog training techniques and the canine psychology and physiology that makes these skills effective.
Ken has held the position of National Trainer for Australian Quarantine Inspection Services from 2008 to 2013 and has since continued to develop and deliver courses for Hanrob’s clients under the standards of the RTO. And every year, a new “quick-fix” product or “fast-results” training method hits the streets.
Unfortunately, as much as this seems to make sense, this method of training totally misses the point.
Several years ago I visited a dog training conference in which a popular dog trainer from the USA said that dogs over 8 months old became very hard to train!
I’m also a highly acclaimed author, an avid animal rights activist, media personality, and even a celebrity dog trainer.
Plus I wanted to give dog owners a chance to implement these methods and techniques on their own, but allow them to do it on their own time schedule. With these tools, you'll never come across a dog situation that you won't feel 100% in control of. Watch me as I train Moses and share the secrets of success as he grows into an absolutely fantastic dog. Here is one of the best dog training books that you can pick up from Amazon that will provide you with tons of tips to become a dog trainer.
He will also need to develop a strong sense of self-confidence and must be able to concentrate and not be distracted before he can be handed over to the guide dog mobility instructor.
Potential guide dog trainers must be physically fit and willing to work outside in all types of weather. Frequent trips to the houses of working dogs are essential in order to monitor the progress of the dog in his new environment so a driving licence is needed.
If they pass this assessment, they enter an obedience training program where they are taught basic obedience, and become familiar with the harness they have to wear. If you don’t know any, volunteer at a local dog shelter where you will come in contact with their trainers. Eventually dogs learn to completely ignore all their commands making them look like a fool (and a rather mean dog owner as well!). Dogs are extremely smart and highly intuitive animals, and using a “clicker” to communicate with your dog is not only not needed, but it really complicates the situation.
I’ve worked with thousands of dogs, many who’ve had behavioral problems for over 10 years or MORE and I’ve still been able to train them with my methods. Behaviourists who choose to practice as self-employed will certainly need good business skills. This is why it is essential for the handlers and trainers to develop a good bond with any dog they work with.
Read everything you can get your hands on regarding training animals and observe as many trainers as you can because not everyone uses the same methods with every dog. I’ve literally worked with THOUSANDS of dogs and never had the need to use a clicker to communicate and train a dog…ever. This should be great news for any frustrated dog owner who thinks that something is wrong with their dog. A reliable means of transport is essential and as with all dog related careers, so is a good sense of humour. Potential security dog handlers will be required to demonstrate their control skills by completing five tasks. All non-academic qualifications should be recorded in a section of their own to make for ease of reference.
For example, if you are a trained accountant and you are applying for the post of marketing director then you may feel the need to explain you decision in order to make yourself a more attractive candidate.
The idea of turning over a problematic dog to trainer, and them returning the dog “Trained!” and all ready to go, is total rubbish. This means no more wasting hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on vet visits or even Prozac for dogs. So, if you think you're ready to begin the journey, here's our guide to help you on your way to becoming a dog trainer. The dog must respond to 'stay', 'heel', 'sit' and 'stay', he must remain calm when the handler talks to a stranger, he must be able to get in and out of a patrol vehicle.
Not only do they inflict pain and cause a great amount of stress for a dog…but they also don’t work on a large percentage of dogs. One of the biggest secrets to training a dog of any age is EARNING their respect, not FORCING them to respect you out of fear or with pain.
Guard Dog Training, Best Guard DogsGuard dog training is a choice that should not be taken lightly. Because these dogs either bark through the pain or simply become frustrated and remain silent.
As mentioned in Myth #5 above, the big secret to training success is earning your dog’s trust and respect.
When you know how to properly win a dogs respect, they’ll trust you for the rest of their lives AND be more attentive when it comes to proper training. That’s what’s at the very heart of all my unique training methods and that’s what makes them work so amazingly well!
Training a dog with the use of pain is not only flat out cruel, it’s just not effective in the long run.

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