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Some dogs and some families are better suited to raw feeding, and many dogs and their families are probably better suited to feeding kibble.
A good puppy kibble will contain every nutrient your Labrador puppy needs in order to grow and remain healthy. I have put up a puppy diet guide below, to give you an idea of what quantities you should be feeding. Labradors and other larger breed dogs are at risk of bone and joint abnormalities if they grow too quickly.
If you want to find out the best way to feed an adult Labrador, then check out our article on how to feed a Labrador here. When you buy a puppy as pet for home then you must have information about the accurate diet for this puppy. Mostly, the grain free food is preferable for the German Shepherd Dogs because their digestive system cannot digest grains.
In young age the German Shepherd Dogs grow very faster, their activity level increase & their size have also increased. I hope that by reading this article you will surely get lots of info on food for German Shepherd Dogs. The holidays are just around the corner so now is the time to fetch the finest gifts for the Labrador Lover on your Christmas list.

It is important to note that dogs don’t have to be obese to suffer from an array of weight-related ailments, including cancer. Last year the Purina Pet Institute completed a 14-year study proving that slimmer dogs live longer.
Scientists at Purina PetCare conducted a 14-year study of 24 pairs of Labrador Retriever puppies.
If this is the case and you feel that your Lab is overweight, consult your veterinarian to determine if there are any other medical problems before putting your pooch on a diet.
Some veterinarians recommend high-protein, high quality meals in smaller portions versus diet foods, while others believe that low-calorie, high-density foods will help the dog feel fuller faster. It is packed full of puppy advice and information and there are lots of other new puppy owners, and experienced Labrador owners there to advise and support you. Other studies have shown that this percentage in dogs is higher, revealing that up to 50 percent of all dogs in America are obese. Veterinarians see heart ailments and high blood pressure in overweight dogs just as physicians see them in overweight people. The report suggests the risks to dogs begin with a moderate weight gain at a very early age. The Purina Life Span Study showed that not only did the lean dogs live longer, they lived better, healthier lives.

When it comes to old age German Shepherd Dog then once again great care is required like an adult German Shepherd puppy because in this age the quantity should be given examining their health problem because in this age most of the German Shepherd Dogs engaged into various diseases. When the dogs turned 9, the team checked the dogs for signs of chronic diseases like diabetes. Even among dogs genetically predisposed to CHD, there was significantly less hip dysplasia in calorie-restricted dogs.
According to Dan Christian, DVM, Executive Director of the Purina Pet Institute, “The increased intake of calories affects dogs on a cellular level. For example, one Labrador Retriever may be in fine shape at 85 pounds, whereas another could be overweight at 75 pounds.
Try to give a balanced diet because unbalanced diet plan can harm your German Shepherd Dog health.

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