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We recently have started feeding the dog's diamond hi-energy, and so far, I am happy with it. I did Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul for a couple years with decent results, but my allergy dog had to be given grain free food that did not have beef or chicken in it, so I switched all of them to Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream.
So, its NOT just dry kibble -- I do believe in some variety for the dogs -- but the kibble is the BASIS of their diet.
If you are going to feed Diamond go with the Diamond Naturals- much better than the regular Diamond.

Topics range from dog food, supplements and raw diets to spaying and neutering, ear cropping, worms, fleas and ticks, separation anxiety, allergies, skin issues and more. The recalls do concern me and I keep an ear out for any problems and a sharp eye on my dogs for any changes in weight, attitude, energy, stools, etc. We are feeding a mix of Diamond Naturals Chicken and Rice and Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete to the dogs right now. I also add any table scraps available and canned food here and there; and feed a meal of chicken quarters about once a week.

My favorite this I have ever fed was Earthborn Primitive Natural, but with the number of dogs we have right now it's just too expensive.

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