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However, there are also many dedicated hybrid breeders whose main aim is to produce healthy dogs, without the genetic problems that plague many purebreds. And Gem, if you think expensive mutt breeders are working with undying dedication to create healthier, friendlier family pets, you’re quite frankly delusional. Expensive mutt breeders are selling first generation puppies to strangers, where they won’t be able to track their health.
Lastly, you seem to be under the impression that performance dogs are out of style in some way.
You have just as much chance of enjoying the benefits of hybrid vigor with a dog of unknown parentage as with a dog from an expensive mutt breeder. If you want a dog who will be a known quantity, sold with disclosure of any health and temperament issues present in his line, and backed by a solid guarantee, go to a top of the line breeder who deals in just one or two breeds and uses strategic outcrossing to boost health. As mentioned previously, all the published scientific research shows that crossbred dogs are on average healthier and live longer than the average pedigree dog. They carefully select the breeds they use, and test the parent dogs for any possible inherited problems.

They’re not adopting any of the behaviors necessary to create a new breed of dogs or prove their breeding stock worthy of passing on their genes.
Breeders of purebred dogs are working within a breed standard and a community dedicated to the continual improvement of the breed.
Good breeders keep entire generations of dogs if for some reason they feel it’s necessary to create an outcross or attempt to create a new breed. They should be able to buy a pup from a breeder who carefully chooses their breeding dogs, carries out the necessary health testing, and provides a comprehensive health warranty. Pedigree dogs that carry genetic problems are permitted to me registered, compete, and breed, with absolutely no limitations. Many people want dogs to serve a purpose today, whether it be hunting, agility, flyball, dock dog, competitive obedience, therapy work, service dog work, herding, or any of the plethora of other functions for which certain breeds are ideal. The people selling so-called designer dogs are in fact rapidly destroying any health benefits of mixed breeds. I see no reason why those people who want a healthier dog, and hence choose a crossbred, should then be forced to adopt, while those that choose a purebred can may opt for a puppy from a breeder.

They do not compete in conformation shows or in performance events designed to test their adherence to a breed standard.
These dogs were not available to the public until the original breeder was certain they bred true to a standard and she knew everything there was to know about their lines. Breeders do not keep back significant numbers of dogs simply to observe their development, compete them in recognized events, and evaluate the success of the breeding. Many Border Collie and Australian Shepherd breeders and now refining their lines to produce sound, healthy agility dogs.

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