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Puppy collars are the most important piece of jewelry you can buy your dog: she will be wearing it for most of her life. The good news is that these collars for puppies come in a variety of styles and, no matter what your taste, it’s fairly easy to find a collar for your little dog that you love.
After a lot of searching, checking, and shopping, I’ve found that different online dog stores have different strengths. Designer puppy collars emphasize glamour and glitz, typically incorporating a lot of crystals or charms into the band and packing a ton of style. Boy dog collars emphasize the masculine qualities of your puppy with spikes, studs, and wide leather bands. Pink puppy collars emphasize the soft and sweet in your little pet puppy, bringing out those beautiful feminine qualities.

Puppy collars are perfect for the smaller dog breeds like chihuahuas, yorkies, pugs, and the other cute little dog breeds running around out there. This entry was posted in Puppy Collars and tagged boy dog collars, cheap puppy collars, chihuahua puppy collars, chihuahua shop, crystal puppy collars, customizable dog collars, designer puppy collars, leather puppy collars, Legally Blonde puppy collars, luxury collars for puppies, personalized puppy collars, pink puppy collars, puppy collars, puppy dog collars, small dog collars.
Perfect for the fashion-minded puppy owner with money to blow; these are more expensive than most other dog collars.
Great for dog lovers wanting to add that personal touch to their puppy’s most treasured possession. Ideal for cute girl dogs with owners who either love pink or who are comfortable in their masculinity and can appreciate the pink aesthetic… ahemm.
These are great for when you just need a simple collar for your puppy and you don’t want to spend a lot of bones.

Often studded with Swarovski or some other type of crystal, these are gorgeous dog collars for the pet owner who can afford them, as they do cost more than your average pup collar.
Classic, durable, and very often very stylish, these are perfect for the new puppy owner looking for a good all-around collar for her little dog. These dogs are essentially perpetual puppies, remaining small for life, and so puppy collars are idea for them, as well.

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