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Our Custom Dog Collars made in the USA are made to a custom size for your pet and not adjustable. Our Large Dog Collars are offered in many different types of color combinations that will fit your style.
Our Flyway model Dog Collars come in many different color combinations dressed up by 6 bands on each side of the collar. Please Note: These fabrics are a bit stiff- no problem for the big dogs but may be a bit 'ruff' for the little dogs!
Our Standard dog collar features a black quick-clip buckle to easily take the collar off and on and a welded d-ring to attach ID tags or a leash. Martingale Buckle collars work just like the Martingale Collar, but features a buckle for easy removal. Martingale Chain collars work just like the Martingale Collar, but features a chain loop in the front instead of fabric.

Martingale Buckle Chain collars work just like the Martingale Collar, but features a buckle for easy removal. The Limited Slip Collars serve the same function as the martingale collars, but instead of a loop in the front the collar lays flat! Limited Slip Buckle Collars work just like the Limited Slip Collar, but features a buckle for easy removal. Safety Walking Collars are made with the same breakaway buckle as the safety collars, but feature two d-rings so that a leash can be used without the collar coming open. Safety Breakaway Collars feature a safety breakaway buckle that will pull free with minimal force.
Choke collars work just like the traditional choke chains, but are made from comfy cotton fabrics for a more humane collar. Flyball Agility Collars are made with a handle on the collar, so the trainer can keep a hold on an excited dog.

Collars are black nylon, and come with 6 lights that easily turn on with the flip of a switch.
These collars are fully adjustable and slip right over the dog's head, and feature a D-ring for ID tags or a leash.
With a strap that goes over the dog's nose, the Head Collar allows the owner to gently guide the dog and prevent unruly behavior.

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