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Whether you are just now starting the crate training process and your puppy hasn’t been crying too much; or you have been trying for a while and your dog won’t stop barking, you will find a solution here. The answer to this question depends on each dog’s history, but more often than not, crate training whining happens because is telling you he doesn't want to be left alone. If your dog can whine and bark for 30 minutes or more inside the crate, you will need to start dog crate training from the beginning. Step 3: Adding a hand signal or word command to tell your dog to “Go in” and “Out” of the crate is a great way to avoid having to push your dog inside the crate, which you should never do!Say “Go in”, then point to the crate as you toss the treat inside.
If your are experiencing crate training whining, chances are your hound is also trying to get out of it.
XS Precision ProValu crate 100019"L x 14"H x 12"WPerfect for toy and miniature breeds such as: Chihuahuas, Chinese Crested, miniature Pinscher, etc. M Precision ProValu crate 300030"L x 21"H x 19"WPerfect for medium size breeds such as: Bulldog, small boxer, Basenji, etc.
L Precision ProValu crate 400036"L x 25"H x 23"WPerfect for Large size breeds such as: Rottweiler, Labrador, Irish Setter, etc. XL Precision ProValu crate 500042"L x 30"H x 28"WPerfect for Large size breeds such as: St Bernard, Newfoundland, giant Schnauzer, etc. Giant Precision ProValu crate 600048"L x 32"H x 30"WPerfect for Giant breeds such as: Grate Dane, Irish Wolfhound, Spanish Mastiff, etc. If you have questions about crate training whining, you can ask or share your story following this link. 7 Professional Tips for a Reliable Dog Recall Oct 02, 15 11:01 AMTrain a dog recall like a professional with these 7 awesome tips. In many cases, putting a treat or toy in the crate or pen with the puppy before closing the door will help condition the puppy that it's a fun place to be. The reason excessive whining continues is because the dog has learned that whining, crying or barking gets whatever he wants - attention, food, affection. If your dog is whining or howling when you are at home, either for attention or just out of habit, the first step in stopping this is to provide your dog with daily routines of play, exercise and training.

Unusual whining or whining that starts suddenly when it never existed before may be your dog's way of telling you that something is wrong. But done correctly this time!If your dog only whines for a few minutes, then wait it out and only open the gate when your dog is completely quiet. Dogs love most treats, but I have found that liver treats are something most dogs can't resist. Immediately after your dog goes inside and eats his treat, say “Out” and point outside while you toss a treat on the floor outside of the crate.
Wait until he quiets, let him out and start again but reduce the time to something your dog can handle without getting stressed out.
Step 5: When your dog is ready to stay inside his crate for 30 minutes or more you must leave toys for your dog to pass the time.
Next, I will tell you about the best crates for dogs that keep trying to escape while barking and crying.
The tips and steps above will help you crate train your dog and stop whining, while training is going on, it is important you provide your pet with a secure and strong crate.If you thought that crate training whining was the worst part, you may be wrong. They have several models: "Snoozzy Baby" for puppies, "Grate Crate" for all dogs, "Suitcase" crates for the travelling dog professional or owner and the "ProValu Grate Crate". Teach your dog to come is one of the most important commands, this article will tells you how to do it the right way. Often these special times of undivided attention will stop the dog from whining the rest of the day. In the majority of cases, crate training whining gets worse because the owner accidentally trains the dog to cry more…and more. However I still recommend you start crate training all over again.Never use the crate as a punishment. These dogs that cry and bark are desperately trying to escape the cage and most, in their attempt, end up with injuries that can be mild or severe. As slow as you need to go in order to prevent your dog from whining when he is inside the crate.

Opening the gate of the crate while your dog is barking will reinforce this behavior and your dog will continue to bark to be let out of the crate. The amount of toys you leave inside the crate will depend on how long the dog must stay confined to his crate. Remember that the best crate size for your dog should be one where your canine can stand and turn around but not much more.
This will happen if you always give him yummy treats inside the crate.It is important to let your dog get inside the crate on his one. Repeat this step until you dog is able to stay inside the crate for 5 minutes and responds to the commands in a very reliable way. If you have one of these dogs, the following crates have features to keep your puppy secure and prevent injuries from trying to escape out of the crate. Each time you give in to your dog's whining demands, you are training him to continue whining.
Finally, whenever you open the door of the crate to let your dog out, take all the toys away.
Gently ask your dog to please 'Stop Whining.' If he ignores you and continues whining, immediately shout a very loud, 'STOP WHINING!'. After a few repetitions, the dog will get the idea and obey the first gentle request of 'Stop Whining,' rather than get scolded. Never close the door of the crate at this point.The best dog toys will only be available inside the crate!
Stuffed Kongs, chew toys and pigs ears will make the crate a happy place to be in and stop crate training whining.

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