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You can find out more about each of our canine courses by clicking the links below or you can download our Canine Studies booklet. For owners of working dogs that would like to understand and control the natural instincts of a working dog in the company of other dogs.
Ty Gwyn has all the facilities for you and your dog to learn in a natural countryside environment.
You can find out from Margaret and Margot how to go about entering basic gun dog tests and competitions or finding out what happens on a shoot day if you would like to beat or pick up. Before and during supper there will be a chance to talk to Margaret about working gun dogs and watch some DVDs of working trials. On this week-end we will cover the more advanced training needed for your dog to hunt and pick up either on a shoot day or in tests and trials.
If you have a partner who would like to come without a dog, there is an extra charge of A?70 for bed and breakfast and all meals as above.
New found respect and understanding of our relationship with our dogs, fantastic course, great food, lovely accommodation. The Scheme promotes responsible dog ownership by teaching owners the skills to train their dogs to cope with everyday life situations.
A fun and relaxed way of bonding with your dog and honing the skills gained during Good Citizen training. Training Walks – Ideally suited to those who need to develop their handling confidence and brush up on their recall skills. Small Classes for personal attention – Training classes are restricted to a maximum of 8 dogs (Recall 4 dogs) enabling us to guarantee that you will receive one to one attention during the classes as required.

Find out more about our accredited Canine Studies Distance Learning programme or if you’re looking for a shorter course we offer 10 week practical dog training and theory courses as well as a number of day courses. This week-end will suit both experienced and inexperienced handlers with inexperienced dogs.
If he comes one of the groups of gun dogs - Retrievers, Spaniels, HPRs (Hunt Point Retrieve), Pointers and Setters - then he or she is a gun dog.
Your dog has an enclosed yard, retrieving corridor, fields and a variety of cover including scrub and wooded areas in which to learn. A How often have we all said when things don't go as planned - "Well, he does it at home!" A Margaret has had dogs all her life - labradors, cockers and in latter times show and working pointers.
A Margaret helped with the basics of Ash's training, giving her many good training tips and ideas. Margaret and Margot are skilled, knowledgable and incredibley insightful, supporting us and giving really useful advice and tips to help us work more closely with our dogs. It is well worth doing the course whether you plan to go on shoots or not, particularly to learn more about the special characteristics of your own breed of dog and how to make the most of them. We also welcome you if you have a working bred dog that you do not necessarily want to work but you just want him or her to be a good, biddable and enjoyable companion. Margaret and Margot were both a source of inspiration and full of lots of extra tips and hints to keep your dog interested and happy as well as very thorough basic and gun dog training.
We work to your dog’s individual level and actively encourage you to undertake training at home. Training your dog whilst understanding and working with its natural instincts will help you get the best from your dog.

She will share some of her experiences of training Ash and things she learnt along the way. It was fun to meet the other people and their many and varied dogs and to get to do all this in the beautiful Welsh hills.
When appropriate, we also help you to address any individual behaviour problems that you may be experiencing with your dog. She also has three English Springer spaniels, Sage, Harry and Wisp who are her winter dogs with which she beats and picks up. A Margaret has not only trained and competed successfully with her own dogs but over the years, she has helped many an aspiring gun dog owner to train their dogs. Margaret will teach you how to train your dog as well as helping you understand some of the simple but not necessarily obvious needs of your gun dog.
She will give you tips on dealing with problems, looking after your dog and some fun ideas to keep him or her occupied. As well as being the trainer on our courses Margeret also does one to one training sessions for pointers.

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