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Everyone knows how annoying it is when your dog starts barking for absolutely no reason and refuses to stop.
The doggy device is disguised to look like an ordinary birdhouse, and this innocuous looking device could do you a world of good. This innovative and cool new dog barking deterrent device is disguised as a simple, decorative birdhouse that can be hung from a tree or mounted on a fence post.
The only real problem, is that all this new peace and quiet could easily be shattered by a flock of upset and noisy chirping birds who can't figure out how to use the fake birdhouse. Now it is possible to control this behavior by using this ultrasonic barking dog deterrent.

Whenever a dog barks anywhere within the range of the device, it emits an ultrasonic sound. When it's hidden internal microphone detects any inhuman, incessant, repetitive barking, it activates a stun ray, er, safe high-pitched ultrasonic tone, to effectively quiet the dog down. No more will you have to worry about sleepless nights listening to your dog bark and being helpless to control it.
While this noise is inaudible to humans, dogs find it extremely irritating, and it will stop barking. With time, the dog will begin to associate barking with this unpleasant noise, and you will be able to curb this unpleasant behavior in a humane manner.

This is not only a great solution to finally calm your neighbor's dog down (it even works on yours too), but it's also a great training device for puppies as well.

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