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The good news is that unlike humans, dogs can learn to communicate after this vital period though they will never be fluent; they can learn to cope given time and lots of patience, but it is not easy and early socialization would overcome these future problems. Dogs have a powerful set of body postures that alleviate stress and diffuse potentially threatening situations, the shake, as if shedding water is one way of alleviating stress. Most people think dogs sweat through their tongues by panting; this is a cooling system but has nothing to do with sweating. Just standing still can appease nervous dogs, lifting a paw up and down is another gesture I often see this signal to both dogs and humans, blinking eyes is a also diffuser of aggression that we can also use. If we accept that like many other creatures’ dogs do have levels of status, then status brings in rank and therefore control and dominance. Domestic dogs (Canis familiaris) have shown remarkable communicative skills towards humans.  These abilities allow dogs to solve different problems and achieve desired objects in their ordinary lives. It is not enough to allow them just to mix with adult dogs they learn the all-important body language and communication skills from the rough and tumble play that puppies do with each other.

Others will stand off and await the other dog to approach so they can observe the approaching dogs intentions before deciding whether to greet. I am well aware that the word dominance is vastly overused and in many cases is blamed for almost all canine problems, but to suggest that there are no dominant tendencies in some dogs psyche is to my mind mistaken and an exercise in semantics.
However, the mechanisms underlying the communication between dogs and human capacities are still unclear.
Body language, vocalization and touch are all forms of dog communication, and even newborn puppies communicate through tactile stimulation. Protective communication first occurs in the whelping box, as a mother dog crouches over her puppies to protect them from perceived dangers.
I am occasionally told that some dogs are racist to coloured people; Dogs cannot be racist unlike humans they have no moral or racial preconceptions, this form of aggression is simply because they cannot distinguish features and intent on a darker background and may become fearful or aggressive because of that.
If we agree the fact that dogs have submissive tendencies then the antonym (exact opposite) of submission is dominance.

Nosing, pawing and nipping are all common forms of tactile communication, and puppies touch other dogs throughout their lives.
Older dogs may display protective behavior by lying on their favorite toys or grooming each other.
Some dogs like to crawl on your lap, but should not be forced to stay if they struggle to get away. Dogs may also pass protective touching behaviors onto the human members of their family, cuddling or licking them as displays of affection.

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