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Cesar starts the hour-long premier by showing what he looks for when adopting a dog: medium energy.
So, in order to ease Daddy into retirement, Cesar adopted the first young puppy for his puppy project — Junior. Cesar quickly works to establish rules, boundaries and limitations—and to create good, obedient, relaxed dogs through plenty of exercise, then gentle discipline, and then affection last. Video “The Feeding Ritual” – With a little eye contact, Cesar raises his puppies to show respect at meal time. Since puppies’ strongest ability is their sense of smell, and since their primary purpose during the first eight months of life is to investigate and learn about everything in their new world, they will naturally want to check out and smell every human that comes into their environment.
Interestingly enough, from the new book release to the Puppy TV show, bookended a related experience I just finished having.
Thanks to the detailed index this book had I had been able to change this puppy’s problem behaviors in a matter of under 3 days, appropriately, safely and correctly. President Gets Neutered” – Cesar shares some advice on neutering your dog – and an English bulldog takes the procedure like a champ!

While I agree about adopting from a shelter or breed rescue, I also understand why Cesar chose purebred dogs for his puppy pack — he wanted to get dogs where the breed traits ran true and where they were very different from each other to illustrate how to address different behaviors common to certain breeds.
Cesar is immediately drawn to the calm, submissive male, whom Cesar slowly introduces to the pack at the center. Puppies and small dogs will want to jump up to get closer to our faces and find out what’s going on there. The season premiere begins with Junior, a pit bull pup Cesar hopes will someday assist him with his toughest cases now that his trusted right hand Daddy is nearing retirement. Note: given the Recession, and the fact that the US kills 8 million un-adopted dogs and cats a year due to not enough adoptions, please consider rescuing a dog from a Humane Society or Rescue Breeder first. But clearly, 51 percent of our newsletter survey respondents have had more than enough of their puppies’ jumping on them. Daddy and Junior were instantly attracted to one another, and thus Junior joined Cesar’s pack.
Not fifteen minutes after I had his newly released Puppy book in my hand, I got a call from another independent rescuer who knew I don’t work with puppies, only 18 month-3 year old problem dogs.

He then goes through “a start-to-finish guide to puppyhood covering birth to sexual maturity, energy, leash training, the ethics of spaying and neutering, and even the proper kinds of play” with the kind of detail, instruction and demonstration that helped me raise my rescue pup, Redford—and train myself to be kinder, gentler and more understanding in the process!
Southern California Labrador Retriever Rescue brings two labs to Cesar’s Dog Psychology Center. These are the reasons we want puppies in our lives, to bring us that enthusiasm, that appreciation of the everyday things we take for granted.
Puppies need to stand up on their hind legs and put their paws on a person in order to get close to those areas.

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